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  1. There's a simple reason as to why super centers aren't necessary, while I do feel the other reasons brought up have merit, take a look at this: Top 20 Iron Mic Winners (CTR scoring) From: 2012-02-27 00:00:01 / Until: 2012-03-04 23:59:59 ============================================================ # ID ARTCC/FIR name Uptime Up % -- ---- ---------------------------- --------- ----- 1 LCCC Nicosia 92:56:47 55.3% 2 KZHU Houston 75:42:06 45.1% 3 KZSE Seattle 63:27:
  2. Sure it wouldn't happen when you and I agree that maybe a super center will work. But from what I understand the proposal is a 24/7 kind of thing, so unless things change... may the show begin! Another thing to consider is that at midnight all connections go down in number, including those pilots that whine about lack of coverage. So while I agree Brian that super centers shouldn't be implemented in prime time that still leaves the issues of coverage during times when the connection numbers are higher. Its during these times I feel a super TRACON or something of that nature would work
  3. Yea, top-down enroute coverage. Imagine the "what would happen on VATSIM" scenario; a super center with a fair amount of planes in the air working on clearances and approaches with bad pilots and airspace, or airports that the controller doesn't know like the back of their hand
  4. Harold, I have been trying to say exactly that in a few of my post, thanks for finding the words for me.
  5. Like AW's post in the VATUSA forum, and a few others here I think the best way to handle this, be it one person working TWR, APP, or CTR for multiple airports/ARTCCs the only way to do it is to change to the network to allow that controller to TX over multiple frequencies and have the airports/ARTCCs under his control show up separately in programs like VATSpy as well as pilot clients (to avoid confusion & essentially allow multiple connections for ATC). There's a network out there that works similar to this and it seems to work really well. I have no idea how to do something like that,
  6. I just don't see the point in being on someones frequency while they work traffic a thousand miles away. I would so much rather be guaranteed DEL/GND-APP for every arrival and departure I fly on the network than en-route services. Especially en-route services where one guy covers half the continent to make it work... but that's just me.
  7. For starters 9pm local time is in the middle of prime staffing hours, at least in most of the places I've ever seen. You might have better luck with that argument using 0100-1200 or something like that. Not a lot of connections during those hours. My reasons for being anti super center do have a lot to do with realism, but there's other things as well, which many have pointed out and you either overlooked or chose to ignore. Controller quality, more stress on an already depleted training staff, and a big one in my eyes is the pilots. I personally would rather be on 22.8 than a CTR for
  8. Ahh the typical and democratic editing and moving of threads... oh wait democratic isn't the right word. Anyway to the real issue, has anybody thought about how useless high en-route centers are on a normal day on VATSIM? How often do mid-airs occur in the flight levels of uncontrolled airspace? I'd bet not very often with our traffic levels. Another aspect to look at is will a super center really attract more pilots? My guess is no, how many people flying coast to coast want to hear "Midwest Center, radar contact over PSB." Than they have to sit at their computer for hours, or t
  9. I believe a lot of us here are serious, as am I. For everyone who points out things we do that aren't realistic (contact me's, etc.) those are technical limitations of the network, consolidating ARTCC's is NOT a compromise that makes our network less realistic due to technological limitations, that much I know. Why this would even be proposed, well that stumps me.
  10. In the infamous words of Airplane, "Surely, you can't be serious?" If this is serious its a sad, sad day...
  11. My question is why does any thread about a somewhat "touchy" subject get moved down to the United States sub-forum lately? (i.e Position Please) Sweeping your issues under the rug and hoping they'll go away isn't going to work forever. It poses a good thought, if the thread has to be hidden in a sub-forum where most don't scroll down that far to read shouldn't it just be deleted? With that said, in my view none of the threads recently moved require deletion, or hiding for that matter. A little cleaning of certain posts maybe, but at their core they have good topics for discussion.
  12. I fail to see how you can be angry with controllers for logging off when the events over. Paying to rent a space or not, 4 hours and more of controlling in high traffic situations, by the end you're ready to logoff. Plus you have to consider that with a live convention there are other things besides actually controlling that go along with it like a group dinner, and when you're renting these places you have to keep a tight schedule. My only advice would be that next time plan your flight better so you get there inside the prescribed times for the event.
  13. It's honestly not that hard to come up with your location as a pilot and report it to the controller upon initial contact when coming from a non-radar environment (Hmm sounds like my argument in a different thread...). It's what, a handful of extra words that you as a pilot have to mouth? Are you so opposed to this simple request from the OP because you're too lazy to figure out where you are, or because VATSIM is unrealistic and we should just use our "magic tools" to find you, which again kind of returns back to laziness or apathy (whatever you want to call it) with the mindset of "Oh I'll
  14. Working M98 during a slow period in a straight 12s config, and yes the next thing on my purchase list is a monitor large enough for the DCP's Lastly in this awful cellphone picture is my TRACON setup, but I think it gives you the idea.
  15. The new crossing restriction on the KRANN1 arrival is BAWLL @ FL230. NY CTR: "JBUxxx cross BAWLL at FL230." JBUxxx: "Sir we don't have BAWLL's."
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