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  1. OK, I will do that next time. Thank you
  2. Hello. Every time I install an updated offered by vPilot on application start causes issues. There are times when I start vPilot in order to fly I see pop up message offering an update. When updated is complete I cannot start vPilot. It hangs and my TV speakers or other PC connected speakers are going crazy. I hear loud buzzing noise and vPilot freezes with all other PC or P3D applications. I have to reboot PC several times!!! to get rid of it. I wonder why vPilots updates are so hard on my system. Thanks
  3. Good day all. I am just trying to clarify a few things with this new pilot rating announcement. I have been flying in VATSIM for almost a decade and in my account profile I am shown No rating. I guess I should have completed at least a basic training to get at least P0? It says new members will have to complete a basic training before they can even login. So what is going to happen to pilots like me with no rating? Will I be kicked off from flying till I accomplish a basic training? Thanks
  4. That was it! For some reason microphone was turned off. I enabled "Allow apps to access your mic" and it seemed fix the problem. No error anymore and I can hear ATC talk. Appreciate the advice.
  5. Hello. Started seeing Unhandled exception message for some reason. It says Unspecified Error calling wave open Here is the log: See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** NAudio.MmException: UnspecifiedError calling waveInOpen at NAudio.Wave.WaveInEvent.OpenWaveInDevice() at NAudio.Wave.WaveInEvent.StartRecording() at GeoVR.Client.Input.Start(String inputDevice) at GeoVR.Client.UserClient.Start(String inputAudioDevice, String outputAudioDevice, List`1
  6. Looks like I have some progress here. Another issue. How can I file flight plan from network? Looks like Swift does not recognize filed FPL I filed via VATSIM. It says No flight plan data stored. I have to file flight plan manually via Flight pl. manually all the time now.
  7. Oh ok. Same as in vPilot. Thanks for the info.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I read all that already. I figured how to see messages. I was doing a test yesterday on a network. I found a message window but I didn’t see messages coming from other pilots and ATC as I saw in vPilot. I still trying to figure out how to send a private message. Whatever I have tried didn’t work. Thanks
  9. Hi. New to swift. So far I am very lost, very complex and confusing GU. How can I send a message to another pilot or ATC? Thanks
  10. Hello. I have Steelseries wireless headphones and I never had issues till I started making changes to my audio settings. I had all my sounds routed via headphones and headphones was shown as primary sound device in PC, P3D4 and vPilot settings. I was getting tired of engine noise so had hard time to hear and understand air controllers. I decided to have ATC and PMDG sounds via the headphones and engines and everything else via speakers. It works normal for about an hour or two then headphones gets quite. No ATC communications no PMD cockpit sounds, however headphones still works. If I check h
  11. If you use W10 check if all your audio settings in your PC are still the same. Several people, me including, noticed that W10 reverted audio devices back to default. in my case I had wireless headset set as my default device, after the update I discovered that default audio device was monitors speakers. I had to change it back. Also in vPilot settings my mic was gone in PTT tab. I had to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned it back. If you use Kaspersky it may disallow vPilot as any audio device. I had to exclude vPilot in Kaspersky and make vPilot as Trusted software. See if this helps, if not, w
  12. I was able to put all things back together. Looks like the mic is recognized in vPilot and I can hear the sound when I push the PTT button, before it was silent. Will try tomorrow to go live to test it. My other problem was Kaspersky. It disallowed vPilot to provide voice or sound (don't remember what the message was). I had to trust vPilot back in order to start hearing COMMs. Thx
  13. I have the same issue and vPilot no longer recognizes mic input. I tried to calibrate the mic, re[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign mic key/buttons, no luck. I have a feeling this is something to do with latest W10 update
  14. Looks like it was UTLive. Since I have disabled it in P3D option I have no fps issues.
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