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  1. Mark, another quick unrelated question. Listening to Real World ATC today I noticed that the Tower appears to be getting GPWS system alerts from approaching aircraft and is able to warn pilots to check their altitude. It has happened a number of times this afternoon at NZWN. Is that (equipment) something you have experienced in the RW. I think it has only been implemented here recently because I do not recall hearing those kind of alerts to pilots before today. I do not think it has come from the tags because the Tower is providing the alert rather than the Terminal controller.
  2. Thanks Keil and Mark I have finally figured it out now (thanks to the forums). Today I searched the local airline website and found the real world departures and just pinched the real world flight number. I timed the flight to match the real world version and off I went (as NZ452 NZCH-NZWN). The funny thing was, as I was approaching NZWN, I had the real world ATC tuned in on the scanner and at darned near the same time as I p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed through 11,000 I heard the real world version calling ATC for approach clearance. Quite disconcerting really but a good laugh. I made an ILS approach however the real world version made a visual approach so beat me in. This just gets better every day! Mark, thanks for your welcome and the update on the use of the ZKMAR callsign. I did wonder about that and have used that call both with and without the dash. I will now omit the dash (unless I am operating the Dash 8... sorry) from now. Cheers Mike NZWN
  3. Hi Had my very first online ATC [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isted flight on Saturday - what a buzz... This led to a question that I have not found an answer to in the Resource Centre and wondered if someone could help me with (ps I also posted this question on Avsim so this is a duplicate). My question is: What standards are in place to control the use of callsigns in Vatsim. I have just adopted a strategy of using the Livery and a number that I like. When flying GA aircraft I use a call of ZK-MAR. I am concerned that when operating the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]enger jets I could be selecting a callsign that is in use by someone else. So what are the rules for selecting a callsign. PS Thanks to the NZ_CTR controller last Saturday who shepherded QF900 to NZCH ILS02. A whole new world opened Cheers Mike NZWN
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