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  1. Don't know if I posted this before but hey I still laugh about it: Me: XXX123 climb FL310, proceed direct to KOK Pilot: Say Again Me: Read Again :p
  2. Too bad the germans stopped using it maybe we could set up a vatsim wide promo campaign so that people know this piece of software?
  3. Hi guys, Little idea I got here. Most London controllers are using GVCCS now, and so am I and another controller of the BeluxvACC. Wouldn't it be an idea to promote the use of it? It is simple to install and puts a bit more realism in our virtual atc world as you get to talk to the fellow controllers. Secondly the sound quality is much better then the intercom function in ES. Thirdly nobody ever uses the intercom function in ES.
  4. Just my two cents but is Google Chrome installed/open when you're using ES? I used to have ES freezes while google chrome was open..
  5. For instance I do: I'm a controller in the Belux region and had Craig Phillips implement the squawk ranges (the only part of UK [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant that downloads info) for all major and regional airports in the belux region. So far it works like a charm and lightens work a lot.
  6. Hi all, I have p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed my CPT, although at some times it was very very very busy thus hard to keep an overview. Thanks to all pilots flying into/from Brussels! Cheers, Tom
  7. Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to announce Friday 8th July 2011 at 18:00z Brussels FIR will be placing one of its members through the EBBU_CTR C1 CPT. As such we extend an open invite for virtual pilots to join us in ensuring the candidate has the volume of traffic to make this an interesting, enriching and fulfilling experience for all. We thank you in advance for supporting and look forward to seeing you there on the evening Some docomeents to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist with flight ops on the evening Briefing Docomeent for EBBR :here Charts can be found here and scenery here
  8. Hi again Daan, Like Thomas George said. There is a transfer policy but at the moment all vACC's have their own manner of handling this based upon VATEUD regulations (Thomas correct me if I'm wrong). Just for my info are you joining DutchvACC? If your joining BeluxvACC (whom I'm a member of) I will be able to give you the correct procedure. As far as it goes for belux I know that if you have for example an S3 (TMA rating) on IVAO you'll get the S2 (Tower rating) on vatsim. Tom
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