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  1. Mathew, I see you are talking about XSB with authority and that you are the Swift developer. It may not be your business at all but can you, or do you have the influence, to make a Linux 64bit client of XSB? I know there is a 32bit client but that so year 2000. Such a pity there is no Linux 64bit client
  2. Could someone please compile a Linux 64 bit client? We have a 32 bit so it shouldn't be that complicated to make one for 64 bit, or am I thinking to easy? It has been sooooooo long without any progress.
  3. Hate to ask but is there any progress in a Linux version? Is this project dead? If so please inform us Linux users.
  4. Are you saying that voice on Linux 64bits now works with x-IvAp. The last time I looked, December 2013, voice didn't work at IVAO. I could only use the text mode.
  5. An admin at x-plane.org wrote that there where more than 20 developers working on XSquawkbox. I suppose that they are all Windows developers. Maybe there is only one person working on Linux and he/she has no time.
  6. Maybe I should have placed this post in the "XSquawkbox Help" board?
  7. It's nice to see that XSquawkbox 64 works on Windows and Mac but I can't find any info about a Linux version. Could there be some communication about a Linux version?
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