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  1. Hello. I'd like to have the opportunity to edit my post even after 5 minutes after the message had been posted. Is it possible to do so?
  2. One of the most ambitious events organized by our division has come to its end. I want to express my deep gratitude to Division Event Manager, Maxim Tsygankov, VATRUS 4, who became the mastermind, co-author and the main organizer of this event. Thanks to Ilya Pyankov, who quickly created the event page with all the relevant information needed for the pilots. During 10 days, 678 flights were made, in which more than 200 pilots from both our division and our foreign friends took part. I hope that acquaintance of pilots with the VATRUS division airports that participated in th
  3. Hello, with the latest Beta the Cyrillic letters doesn't show anymore, not in the private, nor on the frequency.
  4. Maybe Teamspeak or Skype will make sense? PM me please and we will arrange a meeting. My timezone is UTC+7
  5. Dear Peter, it was and is always a great pleasure to work with you. I wish you good luck, my friend !
  6. It's very strange for me that at the Division level there is no possibility to register. If there had been such a possibility I would have called all the vACC directors to take part in creating good sectors for all our huge division.
  7. I'd like to try GNG service (though I am very happy with SectEd) but I cannot register there. I am not a vACC representative so i need some help in registration there.
  8. Georgia is (as defined by VATEUR under part 1 of their policy), a member of VATEUD. Correct me if I am wrong, but in 2008 Georgia separated from VATRUS due to the real life conflict between Gerogia and Russia. As far as I remember this territory was made Open Skies. I wasn't at any staff position then, so i can be mistaken. Is there any history or logs that can / cannot prove this story? The mentioned Policy also states that Moldova is the part of VATEUD, but it has been transferred to VATRUS and they established a VACC due to the fact that there are many russian-speaking members
  9. Since Georgia is not a VACC inside VATRUS neither VATEUD, it is "Open Skies" for VATEUR. Everyone from Europe Region can control there according to the GRP.
  10. Hi, Kieran. Luca has just replied. We are in touch and solving our issues.
  11. I am not quite sure if this is the right topic to post, but... We have got a new server dedicated to VATRUS with high speed internet channel located in St.Petersburg (Russia), and in this case we'd like to offer it for VATSIM use. Who is the right person to offer it to? I wrote several letters but haven't received any answer.
  12. In VATSIM network Georgia is NOT under Russia Western Control officially but still can be controlled by any European controller. See also: VATRUS Policy (in Russian): http://vatrus.info/sites/default/files/library/xxxx.none.ustav_vatrus.pdf Another important thing is that several countries of VATRUS division are actually in Eurocontrol in real life but are in Russian-speaking Division in VATSIM. So real life does not always affect the life of VATSIM.
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