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  1. Ross, thank you for your time. Maybe my next option is just export my profiles and do a complete reinstall of vSTARS.
  2. I have a strong feeling it is just coincidental, I happened notice that fatal error while I am controlling and not observing. The error usually happens between 20-40mins of controlling.
  3. Error started to occur again while connected as a controller. However it does not happen while I am connected as an observer. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  4. It looks really nice, keep up the good work. Looking forward to using it in the future.
  5. It was actually "context." I did update my drivers but unfortunately the error started to happen again.
  6. Seems to work now. Will check video card drivers as well. If anything changes I will reply again, thanks.
  7. After being connected for a little while controlling on the network, I got a fatal error that closed the program instantly. Any clue how to fix this? Thanks Windows 7 3GB RAM AMD Athlon Dual Core NVIDIA 8600
  8. Try combining them into one grouping such as ctomrt and ctomlt. When the aircaft is in the air you have to specify the specific leg. For example enter right downwind for runway 36 would be erd 36.
  9. Sorry, wrong choice of words on my part. I mean that the local policy is NOT that it is a major. But it is highly recommended to not control there without being certified to control the major facility for which tracon it underlies.
  10. By referring to KHPN as a "major satellite", one would have to be certified to control at LaGuardia (KLGA) in order to control at KHPN as the procedures are strongly tied together and the two airports are in a very close proximity to one another. Ex.) If you are certified to control LGA_GND. You are eligible to control HPN_DEL or HPN_GND.
  11. Thank You to all who flew in today, hope you had a great time!
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