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  1. Thanks, and it looks like you're right. For the next beta version we have pulled in a few TCAS fixes shared by the LiveTraffic team, who realised that the AI model count doesn't affect the number of blips.
  2. This is a good question. Yes, when the receiving client is either swift or vPilot, it should work fine, regardless of what the other client is. But if swift is sending, and the receiving client is neither swift nor vPilot (e.g. it is XSB with contoured runways turned off) then the receiving client might see you floating or tunnelling above or below ground. But that has always been the problem with the legacy clients and scenery differences, swift can't solve that. It could be mitigated by disabling contoured runways on your X-Plane when using swift, but the legacy client users will still s
  3. We are more active in our Discord server. As far as we know, you still need AI models enabled to be able to see TCAS blips.
  4. I don't know, but your log suggests XSquawkBox is set up to use your Sennheiser driver directly, byp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing ALSA/PulseAudio.
  5. Not all keyboards have a backtick key, and those that do don't always put it in the same place. It was a strange choice of default PTT key considering how easily it is confused with the apostrophe. You can of course change your PTT key to whatever key you prefer, in XSquawkBox preferences.
  6. It could be another application is grabbing the sound device. This kind of problem would be what ALSA is supposed to solve (by sharing devices between multiple applications). Try configuring PulseAudio to use your Sennheiser USB headset (if it is not already) then configure X-Plane to use ALSA as its audio device.
  7. 1. This is a known problem when using high levels of anti-aliasing with HDR. No solution as yet, but disabling those settings may help. 2. It is still being maintained, but active development depends on Chris Collins having the time to work on it. The current version was released 4 months ago. And there is swift which is still a work in progress. 4. XSquawkBox uses CSL models installed in X-Plane/Resources/plugins/XSquawkBox/Resources/CSL. Bluebell CSL package is the most up-to-date.
  8. As far as I can tell, China has two separate Aeronautical Information Publications: a standard AIP that is shared internationally under ICAO protocols, and a national AIP (NAIP) that is treated as some kind of state secret. It seems to be used by the domestic carriers in China but is not allowed to be shared outside the country. It contains more detail, more domestic routes, and some military information.
  9. Have always used freeware airliners and X-Plane's default FMC. It had its problems (no airways, no terminal procedures, some missing fixes) but I could always fall back on VOR radials and direct to lat/lon fixes. I believe it's improved in X-Plane 11 but I haven't flown in a while so I don't know the details. Not much good if you care about As Real As It Gets, but it's Real Enough For Me.
  10. The ICAO aircraft code is E50P and it should be available to enter in the Connect dialog if you're using a recent version of XSquawkBox. I'm not aware of any CSL of this aircraft, but most clients' model matching algorithm should display you as some light twin jet.
  11. Once every couple of minutes, your application can download vatsim-data.txt from one of the URLs listed here. A map of airspace sectors is a very different request. Every region and facility uses different software to create their sector files and getting them to all use the same system is a huge task. AeroNav are undertaking such an effort with their GNG software. See also this comic.
  12. It's a beta version, people. Its expiry was announced a month ago, when it was released.
  13. XSquawkBox does not require any AI aircraft addon to be installed, and will not use any aircraft models of any AI aircraft addons you might have installed, so your online flying experience would gain nothing from it. WorldTraffic aircraft follow pre-defined flight paths, so if you tried to use WorldTraffic and XSquawkBox together you would just see two completely different groups of aircraft: the online human-piloted VATSIM traffic and the mechanical computer-controlled WorldTraffic, which would just be confusing. XSquawkBox comes with its own aircraft models. It accepts the installation o
  14. It's caused by SSAA. SSAA is only available when HDR is enabled, so that's why the confusion. The labels get smaller with progressively higher SSAA settings.
  15. That would be the "observer mode" feature that has been requested here: viewtopic.php?f=109&t=71087
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