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  1. Before this goes any further let me re inter ate my main point from above. There was absolutely no communication between the ARTCC and pilots that said the controllers would be leaving. Somewhere above I said that all I got was a note from the controller that said he was leaving and he was gone the next second. Fault me for my misinformed views above but there is absolutely no reason for this to happen. If the controllers knew they were going to get off at 22z then they should have told the inbound a/c that they would be closing up, not just the event would end, and get the pilots pre pair
  2. That makes since..didn't think of that. A note for future events like this then where there is a hard cutoff time, make it known that if you arrive after xx time you will be on your own. I went and checked the info on the Boston Tea Party and no where did it mention that the event would cut off at 2200 sharp. I say that because at every other flyin I have went to and controlled there have been controllers stick around until the traffic leaves which usually adds an hour or so to the scheduled end time. I still think it was pretty [Mod - lovely stuff]py how it was handled, there could hav
  3. I would first like to thank the Boston ARTCC for hosting this event, from what I saw there was a lot of traffic. However there were many that had a less than stellar experience like I did. I was coming in about 20 miles out and I am told to reduce speed...no problem. Then as I was 10 miles out app puts out a notam saying they are closed without any warning...they are gone. In fact there is no ATC online in Boston...it went from being fully staffed to totally vacant in 5-10 minutes. I realize that the "event" was over at 00Z and this was about 20 minutes after but do you have to willfully
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