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  1. I downloaded version 3.1d and installed it according to the published docomeentation. The environment variable was not there after the installation, so I had to create the environamnt variable manually. But once it was created, ES remembers the path and automatically creates a new logfile in the same folder every time the date changes. You can also edit the filename manually if you like.
  2. There was no environment variable ES_LOG_FOLDER, but I created it and now it works perfectly. Thanks!
  3. Sorry, it does not work. How can ES remember the previous path of the logfile (from my previous login), when the path it is not stored in any of the ES files? I try OTHER SET --> Save all settings, and "Save" all changes at exit, but nomatter what I do this always comes up in the Connect dialog box: Logfile c:\EuroScope20101114.txt Then I have to browse again.... I am logged in as *_OBS while I am trying this. Do I need to log in as *_TWR? Jens
  4. Is there a clock function for countdown of let's say 60, 90 or 120 seconds? Could be useful if you have a line of aircraft waiting for departure at the runway holding point, or of you have to delay an AC due to WT. For example. Right click on the clock in the title of ES may open up a popup where you can set the number of seconds and start the countdown. During the countdown, clock indication switches colour to blue while displaying the Zulu time, and when the countdown reaches 0 colour switches to orange and a sound indication alerts the ATC. A left click on the clock will then exit the c
  5. Thanks, this is very useful information, Todor! Actually I just found out yesterday "by accident" that the flight strip is where that information is displayed. I started to use EuroScope in May this year and I am now waiting for checkout as S2. In all these months I have used a separate spreadsheet where I have collected the most used aircraft codes, airport codes, callsigns, etc., in order to familiarize myself with the "full size" descriptions behind the ICAO codes displayed elsewhere in ES. While I am waiting for checkout I thought I'd better read the Euroscope manual from start to
  6. When I open the Connect dialog in ES, the default value displayed in the Lofgfile field at the bottom of the dialog is c:\EuroScope20101113.txt I want to change this default value but I can't find it anywhere in the textfiles. Is it hardcoded?
  7. I find this site useful: http://www.airlinecodes.co.uk/airlcodesearch.asp From the top menu you can choose if you want to look up an aircraft code, an airline code, an airpost code, etc. Both IATA codes and ICAO codes are supported
  8. I just joined VATSIM and I have spent VERY much time searcing for information, both at the VATSIM, VATEUD and VACCSCA sites. I have learned a lot about controller roles and responsibilities and controller "language". But the biggets problem is that I cannot get the Euroscope radar screen to work, so I am not even able to sit in and watch and listen to what happens online. There is obviously a need for a new and updated step-by-step guide for us newcomers. It seem to me that the initial setup of Euroscope and the first connection is too complicated to do without asking for help. And yes - I hav
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