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  1. This is true. They separated the flight planning from the default sim and it can actually do RNAV approaches. The way they did it you can actually get simulated glidepath info on runways that don’t normally have it. Not super realistic there of course but in the end potential really useful. With their custom flight plan handling though you no longer get the crazy arcs and USR waypoints that msfs puts in. The A32NX people are working to integrate that as well as the Working Title guys designed it to be plugged into any mod.
  2. Ah ok. I’ll start flying with an official call sign then. I do sometimes but last night KSBA to KSMF there’s not really any real routes so I went with an airline call sign I made up for use with non standard liveries. So it wasn’t just a registration number but it’s not a valid 3 character airline code either.
  3. Hi, just completed my 5th flight on Vatsim, 3rd with a controller at the landing field. The first two times I just informed I was going to disconnect after I cleared the rwy. However I decided to really up the difficulty level tonight and fly into KSMF for the FNO event. Went pretty well I think though I continue to mess up readbacks as I get super nervous, but one thing I'm not sure how to do is get taxi instructions to a gate. I was in an A320 and when Ground asked where I wanted to go I said "wherever you have room" or something to that effect because it was an event and I didn't know
  4. Thanks, that helps quite a lot actually 🙂 I really can't believe I waited this long to start actually flying on Vatsim. I don't often do VFR flights actually but this will be helpful for the occasional one.
  5. So just did my first flight on vatsim finally. I’ve had an ID since like fs2004 or maybe earlier but was too chicken, didn’t have good chart access etc. and so never actually got on the network except to sit and listen. I’m soooo hooked. The flight was IFR though and I just realized, if I do a VFR I have no idea how to go about requesting to land at my destination. I assume call up tower if it’s on but if it’s just a center or approach controller?
  6. Hi guys, been lurking a long time, signed up years ago during FSX but was always too chicken to actually try out live ATC other than sitting at the ramp listening occasionally. Just wondering one thing on flight planning for an IFR flight. Do I put my own expected SID/STAR in the flight plan or just the main enroute waypoints and expect the controller will give me an appropriate SID and STAR? Will be running MSFS 2020 with access to Navigraph Charts if that helps answer anything. Actually, I think I have one more question now that I think about it. I remember using Squawkbox
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