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  1. Hey Deon, I don't know how it happened but it seems like on the front page and my.vatsim it appears that the event times are wrong, it shows start time 21z and end 23z. Does this happen because we also include local time in the text?
  2. Congratulations also from us Italians! Looking forward to working with you!
  3. Sunday September the 6th take your VFR skills to the test with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020! From 13:00z to 16:00z, you are invited to Venezia Flight Rules! You'll get the chance to fly around the Venetian lagoon and thanks to the special NOTAMs you'll be able to fly over Venezia! Don't forget to check the pilot briefing at the link below, it will show you all the cool places you can visit and all the information you'll need to plan your flight! Secondo appuntamento con gli eventi di volo a vista in Italia! Domenica 6 settembre metti alla prova le tue abilità VFR con il
  4. On Saturday September 12th, VATITA invite you to fly in Milano! From 12.30z to 16:30z Malpensa (LIMC) will be staffed by our controllers! You will have the whole afternoon to fly VFR and IFR! Plan your flight and enjoy the mighty Alps! Have a look at the LIMC pilot briefing we made to help you out in the complex Milanese airspace! https://vats.im/it/LIMCbrief Charts, free registration required Sceneries LIMC P3d - Payware - Fsx - Payware - Freeware Xplane - Freeware
  5. Aye! We are planning to do that. We have been having issues with our website and we are trying to roll out a new one. In the mean time, you can find it on the home page if you scroll down a bit. https://prnt.sc/svbcel
  6. UPDATED TO VERSION 1.6 - May 2020 Changes: Updated SIDs to match new AIRAC cycle Major formatting changes
  7. Thanks Celestyn! Feedback is appreciated! I'll p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] it on to our controllers. It has been a pleasure having you, and hopefully you'll vote for us in the future too!
  8. Dear Pilots, We will provide full ATC services and do our best for Fiumicino (LIRF) and Ciampino (LIRA) airports. Why not pair with our neighbours VACC-Austria or do a longer hop to LEMD with our friends at vatspa? Your choice! Why not use this oppurtunity to practise a departure in preparation for Cross the Pond? Or test out the new scenery! Wednesday 18-03-2020 20.00-22.00z (21.00-23.00lcl) LIRF briefing Charts, free registration required LIRF P3d - Freeware - Payware Fsx - Freeware - Payware Xplane - Payware LIRA P3d - Freeware - Payware Fsx - Freeware - Payw
  9. UPDATED TO VERSION 1.54 - December 2019 Changes: Updated SIDs to match new AIRAC cycle Removed Cleared to Land after procedure
  10. Ciao Fede, Do you have access to the vatita discord server? I could help you there directly if you want.
  11. Hi Deon, Thanks for the notice. It's not very convenient. Departure slots will run until 1330z but ofc the event ends when the last guys who departed at 1330z lands, considering and approximate ETE of 1030 hours I would say the event finished at 2359z. Hopefully people won't think that they can depart from LIRF at that time
  12. Hello Alexander, The Italian provider for charts gives access to the charts only after registration. It is not something we can change, and to my knowledge no coding can get around that. It's not "just" publish the charts on our website. If you know a way please let me know.
  13. UPDATED TO VERSION 1.53 - July 2019 Changes: Added Reduced Runway Separation Minima Added high speed exits information
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