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  1. Hello can anyone please advise what how can this be fixed? Network error: EndReceive failed: (10060) A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond Thanks
  2. Hi Ross! Good day, Can we expect the AFV and VRC integration anytime soon? Do you have a timeline for that? Thanks! Nadeem
  3. Hi Ross, I seem to have fixed it, I just ran the VRC terminal code again and its all fine. Also, would there be a chance to add sub altitudes? like 5500 in smaller increments? instead of 6000 or 4000? Regarding the image not sure what happened. But the image link didn't process correctly.
  4. Hi Ross! Thanks for the update. My font has change from some reason? It doesn't look like the older VRC after the 1.2.6 update? Can that be fixed?
  5. Hello @justinshannon, I am using vATIS in non US airports, in some areas its using QNH and other areas its using Altimeter Setting. For example in EKBI in Denmark its using Altimeter setting, I tried to resolve this issue by changing the "$" command but it didn't work, is there a solution to this. Other Airports where I use this there is no issue with the QNH automatically displaying on voice and text. Appreciate some developer/expert [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance. Thanks Nadeem
  6. everyone this saturday christmas eve AMMAN online saturday nights fully book spread the word. come on guys
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