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  1. You can use an app like VAT-Spy or map.vatsim.net to see what network traffic is like at a given airport, then compare that to what you see. Not sure what "Manchester AP" refers to but the Manchester in the UK (aka EGCC) can certainly be very busy on VATSIM.
  2. Every time you say "VATSIM should" -- to whom are you referring exactly? When you say "Are we just gonna wait around until someone develops something?" -- what alternative is there? To answer both questions: perhaps consider spearheading the project yourself. FLAi wasn't created by "VATSIM" -- it was created by a group of individuals who decided to step up. If not someone else, why not you?
  3. In the meantime I've just been amending the aircraft type manually -- an extra step for each such aircraft, but, it gets the job done.
  4. Based on what little poking around I'm able to do, it doesn't look like you're suspended. I'd recommend opening a ticket with the Membership Department rather than discussing it here in the public forum. my.vatsim.net, left side, partway down, "Member Help."
  5. You got that error because you weren't connected to the network before trying to file your flight plan. To file a flight plan through your pilot client, you need to have your sim booted up, plane parked in a non-movement area at the airport, xPilot running, connected to VATSIM. Also -- your problem had nothing to do with the topic of this post, so, consider starting a new thread for a new question next time.
  6. Another tip is to jump in with just the ATC callsign followed by your callsign, and wait for the controller to respond. That way, in case you did step on someone, at least it was for a 2-second transmission instead of a 10-second request for clearance.
  7. Glad you had a good experience. For other new pilots reading, I generally recommend NOT choosing the largest, busiest airports on the network to make your first flights from. But with some patience and willingness to learn, VATSIM is a game-changing addition to your sim flying. Hope to see and hear you in the skies!
  8. If you had filed an RNAV SID which is completely pilot-nav, they probably wanted you to confirm your first waypoint. For example in Atlanta your takeoff clearance might be "SWA123, RNAV to MPASS, runway 26L cleared for takeoff." and reading back your confirmation that MPASS is your first programmed point and you're going to turn toward it immediately upon takeoff is a mandatory part of reading back your takeoff clearance. Note that the Atlanta example is from memory so I may not be consistent about the point name and the runway, but hopefully that answers your question anyway.
  9. Generally speaking, if a lower controller is on but a higher controller is not, you contact that lower controller at around the same time you would have been handed off to them by the higher controller had they been on.
  10. https://forums.vatusa.net/index.php?topic=10163.0 https://forums.vatusa.net/index.php?topic=10164.0
  11. The squelch noise indicates receipt of a transmission on the frequency via text rather than voice. In fact, even with the voice system not working, you can still participate in ATC services via text. Not sure why xPilot would work fine for you but vPilot wouldn't. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I can help you troubleshoot that.
  12. I figured one was based on the other, but given that BVARTCC was around as their own thing before merging with VATSIM I was never sure which came first. Good to know, finally! And thanks for resurrecting your records from 11 years ago, lol. One less completely unverifiable story about the old days I spew on these forums... 😉
  13. Fair warning -- I'm gonna over-explain this knowing that you have some IRL experience (EDIT: or, I thought you did, maybe from misunderstanding something you said in a previous post), but in the end, I'll tie it back into how it applies to VATSIM. Whether you file IFR or VFR really doesn't have any bearing on whether controllers are online or offline. IFR if you're going to be navigating a specific path based on nav-aids (radio or RNAV) and/or flying in instrument conditions, and VFR if you're going to be in visual conditions and free to deviate from a planned route and/or are planning
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