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  1. When there's more than one Center online within a given ARTCC it is often a crapshoot. VAT-Spy will just depict them as if they all cover the whole ARTCC. What they really cover might change depending on how many are online, which can change in an instant. Double-clicking on them will bring up their Controller Info which occasionally will have some direction on what sub-sector of the ARTCC their position is covering. You can also check the ARTCC's website for some help (Minneapolis has a very nice sector map published: http://www.minniecenter.org/split ) but most do not publish sector
  2. He is, and I'm sure he will answer on his own behalf. But, I doubt vPilot has any way of detecting that setting, as I'm guessing it's not a setting that would be transmitted thru SimConnect.
  3. In settings and "assistance" there is one called "delegate ATCs to AI" or something along those lines. Ensure it is OFF. Otherwise your pretend First Officer will spend the entire flight messing with your radios and transponder.
  4. There is a setting within Windows that does this. It automatically lowers all other sound when a "Communication Device" is active. You'll want to locate that setting and change the default action to "Do Nothing." ("Thanks for helping, Windows -- now, STOP HELPING.")
  5. Also please note that the circles representing APP/DEP are *approximations* of their airspace and not to be taken as gospel. TRACON boundaries often extend out well beyond the Charlie or Bravo space depicted on the sectional.
  6. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  7. It very much *is* SID and STAR capable -- just not RNAV SIDs and STARs. Filing with the appropriate equipment code (/W) should tell controllers you're non-RNAV, but in my experience you should be prepared to remind them occasionally. There is a growing number of airports that don't have any non-RNAV SIDs or STARs, so you just file a route starting at the closest VOR and/or ending at the closest VOR or intersection, and APP/DEP will figure out how to get you in and out of the terminal area(s).
  8. Use the "Search" function on this forum and you'll find literally dozens of posts pointing you in the right direction.
  9. True. Another pet peeve of mine, lol...
  10. You don't want PMDG models used to represent other players. Not every switch, dial, system, and rivet needs to be replicated fifteen times over when you fly over a busy airport. They're bypassed intentionally.
  11. I don't think that this place is generally toxic, but, I do think there are a few outspoken negative individuals who tend to stand out. And I think the same thing can happen online, too. You might do a flight where you talk to six different controllers, but if one of them had an attitude, that's the one you'll remember. I know that I personally tend to get a bit short sometimes when responding to a topic that has been asked 100 times and is covered in FAQ and sticky posts. I wish that new members to the forum would take a moment to learn how to fish rather than instantly ask someone to
  12. Since the software update it seems like the Forum hangs every time I try to post a message or a response, or even a private message. If I wait long enough, I'll get a browser message saying that the network and the provider are responding but the host is not. I think this is probably related to the very large number of duplicate messages and responses we've been seeing on the board lately.
  13. I think it's important to consider that we're talking about default aircraft, and comparing them to the fully-functional add-ons we're probably used to for FSX, P3D, and X-Plane. If you think about the functionality of the FSX default airliners, and the additional pilot workload it took to fly them realistically on the network among the PMDGs of the world, it's about on par. The patch that came out today allegedly addresses a lot of the complex avionics' functionality, so, maybe it's better than it was 24 hours ago. But I don't think it's realistic to expect perfect operational behavior fro
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