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  1. ... unless, like I said, you start creating events with three or four focus fields rather than one.
  2. The massive influx of new users from COVID followed by MSFS2020 has resulted in ATC training backlogs pretty much network-wide. As the ratio of controllers to pilots re-stabilizes, events with three, four, or more focus fields might start to become the norm.
  3. Can you be more specific about what is happening when you try to open it?
  4. Usually means Windows is not allowing vPilot to access the mic. Go under Windows Sound Capture Device settings and check there first.
  5. Yep. And, I can confirm -- same concept applies to both X-Plane and MSFS2020.
  6. Generally speaking, a regular IFR or VFR flight -- similar to one you would perform in a civilian aircraft to/from civilian fields -- should be permissible regardless of the location and/or aircraft type. In short, it's the type of mission that makes it a VSOA flight, not the type of aircraft. That's my understanding. Hope it helps.
  7. I will hunt you down, good sir, and exact my revenge. You'll get knocked down, but you'll get up again -- I'm never going to keep you down.
  8. What I've often said about new VATSIM pilots experiencing "mic-fright" is that you should just let go of the unrealistic expectation that you will sound perfect the first flight you do with voice. You WILL sound silly the first handful of times. We all did. You may elicit a few giggles from others on frequency (hopefully to themselves, without their mic keyed) but just embrace it. The only way to get to the point that you sound like an expert is by diving in, doing it, being bad at it at first, and getting better progressively. Trust me, we will all understand. 🙂
  9. Sounds like you have the realism dialed up to 11 already. 😉
  10. I've worked with you on more than one occasion, Tyler, as a TWR controller at the DC-area airports -- and it's always a pleasure seeing you and others like you on my scope. Thanks very much for the kind words. And congrats on amassing an hours total in one year that has taken me ten. 🙂
  11. Use Windows Mixer, or the sound settings from within the sim, to lower the sounds from P3D. Alternately, if you have a headset, you can route the audio from the Pilot Client to that device, while leaving sim / aircraft sounds in your PC speakers.
  12. ... and to clarify, "their callsign" is Toronto Center, regardless of what other subordinate roles they are inheriting through top-down coverage.
  13. It's an unintended limitation of AFV, for now.
  14. Set a microphone device. AFV will not work properly until you do.
  15. Umm yeah the FBW doesnt handle reroutes well, yet, from what I hear. At present, the Working Title CJ4 is the only reliable FMS-equipped plane I'm aware of in MSFS2020.
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