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  1. The update to the Code of Conduct making announcements on 122.8 mandatory was only within the last six months or so. For nearly 20 years of the network's existence, *monitoring* 122.8 was mandated -- however, position announcements were encouraged but not explicitly required. I agree that more should be done to encourage compliance. Regarding someone jumping on an ATC position to work a friend in or out of the airspace before logging right back off again -- I agree, it's a pretty crappy thing to do. I don't know of anything forbidding it, aside from local facility policies. At ZDC in the US our facility prohibits ATC sessions less than an hour in length -- allowances are given for the occasional power failure or other unforeseen issue, but habitual short-session controllers are warned & then sanctioned. I'd love to see policies like that more widespread (and I'm guessing more facilities' leadership who have such policies or have considered or abolished them may chime in) but my assessment is that right now it varies based on whose ARTCC or FIR borders you're within.
  2. I hate to say it, but, this is yet another example of how a change in the delivery of services to the userbase was made with no prior announcement, leaving many to find out only after the fact. Changes to the datafeeds affected many third-party stat and logging websites. The shutdown of the Sydney FSD server has made staying connected difficult for many. The retirement of X-Plane clients without low sim-rate detection was at least *generally* known to be coming *eventually*, but when it finally happened to XSB 1.3, it was without any announcement leaving its users to wonder why they suddenly couldn't connect. Now, much historical data was archived and cannot be accessed. I'm appreciative of all the behind-the-scenes work that the tech team does to keep the network running -- I just wish less of it was behind-the-scenes.
  3. Visual approaches *are* harder -- you actually have to fly the airplane yourself rather than let Otto Pilot do all the heavy lifting!
  4. Right -- in short, "not regognized by VATSIM" doesn't exist, and "not recognized by vatstats" is a different statement.
  5. There's no requirement to simulate real weather on the network. And even if you are, technical limitations occasionally inhibit two or more people in the same place on VATSIM from seeing the exact same conditions. If assigned a visual approach in IMC, reply "unable, we're in cloud cover right now" or "unable, low visibility" or similar. If you don't get re-assigned an instrument approach (or you can even specify -- "unable visual, request RNAV Yankee" for example) then it sounds like it may be time for a .wallop and/or feedback to the ARTCC or FIR website.
  6. Hey, Robbie -- heard you during CalScream the other night. A viewer on my livestream asked about you. I gave him a rundown of who you are, what you stand for, etcetera. I think it's hard because you stand out in an arena where you're doing your absolute best just to blend in. But it gave me a chance to tell a little piece of your inspiring story (as much as I know, anyway), and of the couple others on the network in similar situations -- and I think the guy who initially asked did come away impressed and inspired. I hope so, anyway.
  7. Almost makes me wonder if you have something unrelated going on that's masking as this issue!
  8. I don't want to be pedantic, but, just want to help you find a workaround if you haven't already and are still waiting for a bugfix. Are you able to set the in-app volume lower as suggested, then use Windows Mixer to lower the volumes of EVERYTHING else, then boost your overall speaker volume?
  9. You can type whatever you want in that box. If it doesn't populate in the drop-down menu it's probably not the correct, valid ICAO code for the aircraft in question.
  10. I wonder if it was a callsign or name with an unusual character which threw it off until that person logged off...?
  11. This is also home-grown but it's what I use. https://youtu.be/xEpof0zw-Ro
  12. It also sounds like you might not have the latest Microsoft C++ Redistributables. You can download and install those and see whether it helps. But if the issue is related to you having multiple copies of X-Plane running, that's over my head and I trust Justin's advice will help 🙂
  13. And to further explain: "controller ATIS" is a confusing legacy term left over from before VATSIM simulated separate ATIS frequencies. So it's more akin to "Controller Info." It may tell you who they are, how long they intend to stay online (sometimes), some info about the particular sub-sector they are covering, and a link to where you can leave feedback about their performance. The actual Automated Terminal Information Service recording will be broadcast on its own frequency just as it would be in the real world, and double-clicking that (or typing .atis {ICAO}_ATIS in your pilot client) will give you the text version of that recorded information.
  14. Generally speaking, controllers that work a particular airport often are (or become) aware of discrepancies between different scenery renditions of that airport -- including not only runway number updates, but taxiway layouts, terminal buildings added / extended / demolished, runways added / extended / demolished, etcetera. Operating at an airport where you don't have the most updated scenery is then often just a matter of communication.
  15. Checking the checkbox DIS-ables the VHF simulation.
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