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  1. If you are talking about the short burst of static sound, that has nothing to do with voice transmission. It is played when a pilot or controller sends a text transmission over the frequency. You should see that transmission pop up in the main pilot client window.
  2. Always used to happen to me in the PMDG on FSX. Might be something to address with PMDG themselves. It would happen when a new VATSIM plane would come in to range of the pilot client's draw distance, but would be well outside of the altitude range that should trigger an alert -- but it would give me the "traffic" call one time just as the plane was initially inserted into the sim.
  3. Set both COM radios to the same frequency, and transmit. If voice is working, you'll hear yourself in your headset.
  4. ... unless you use your groundspeed, in which case you can just use what's showing on your GPS. Since that also accounts for wind, it's probably the more accurate calculation.
  5. Saens, You may not have gotten exactly what you wanted, but it was not possible to give everyone their first choice. There are many who did not get a slot at all who would be elated to be in your position right now. If you cannot commit to do the flight, the honorable thing to do would be to drop the slot and let someone have it who can.
  6. Depends on where in the world you are, but, SkyVector.com has most all of the US ones, and ChartFox.org has a good number of them outside the US. Don't get discouraged if you don't get everything right the first few times out. Pilots on VATSIM don't typically have the benefit of dozens or hundreds of hours of real-world ground school and instruction time that a pilot typically receives before flying for real -- VATSIM pilots get the unique experience of learning a lot by trial-and-error. It *IS* worth it in the end. In the meantime, coming to the Pilot Discussion forum here or onto the
  7. At the end of the day, you may just be attempting to run software that is too complex for the hardware you have to run it with. However, you may still be able to get some enjoyment out of VATSIM by running FSX or P3D and the PMDG 737. Prior to my latest PC purchase I ran those quite happily on pretty substandard hardware without any issues. When FSX or P3D suffers from low framerates, it does not dilate time, either -- aircraft control becomes difficult in such cases, but, you still progress across the ground at normal speed.
  8. The distinction is that in my post I referred to "etiquette" and you're talking about "offence" i.e. the rule. If you deliberately disconnected to avoid "an unpleasant ATC interaction" and then reconnected outside that controller's airspace, I personally think it's a bit dubious, but it's your prerogative, and as you point out, there's no rule against it. If the "unpleasant ATC interaction" you subverted was the controller trying to tell you that there is traffic metering in effect and you didn't feel like waiting your turn so you took off anyway offline and then connected in Departure's
  9. I agree -- there isn't a specific rule prohibiting pilots from connecting mid-flight. But the problem is, some pilots use that as a means of subverting ground delays, then re-connecting mid-air and forcing the terminal or enroute controllers to work them in. I liken this to using the shoulder of a highway to pass stopped traffic, except that in the real world, there's actually rules against that. If you're going to connect mid-flight, do it in a way that allows controllers to work you into the traffic flow -- and don't use it as a means to subvert delays, which are generally in place fo
  10. Check your CPU use via Task Manager. Stuttering comms audio often means your CPU is struggling to keep up. You might need to lower sim rendering settings a little to ease the processing load enough to let AFV have some more cycles.
  11. It would require everyone's pilot client to constantly send position updates to the server for ALL ground vehicles it was creating -- then, everyone's pilot client ALSO to RECEIVE position updates for ALL other pilots' ground vehicles, place those vehicles in the sim, represent them properly, animate them properly, move them properly, etcetera. Not everyone on VATSIM uses the same sim (we have people connecting with FS9, FSX, MSFS2020, XP10, XP11, various versions of P3D, and even FlightGear) so this functionality would need to be cross-platform. And can you imagine the bandwidth AND framera
  12. If you are able to get onto the main (FSD) server but not the voice server, that usually means you have messed up the capitalization of one or more letters in your password. The main (FSD) servers will ignore that (inexplicably -- it's an older protocol, and case-sensitive passwords have been the norm for some time now). But the AFV server login (which is based on much more modern code) will kick out the connection attempt for what it sees (appropriately so) as an invalid password. Hope that helps.
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