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  1. No need to have a "who's the bigger deal" contest. Ryan is also a real-world controller. You stated your point of view from your experience, he stated his point of view from his, and there we are -- stuck in the usual middle of "regional differences in procedure."
  2. I'm even aware of an /r controller -- a gentleman whose hearing was absolutely fine but who spoke with a voice synthesizer. One day his voice synthesizer was on the fritz so he was hearing pilots call in by voice and was sending instructions by text. Not common, but, wasn't an issue once I figured out I had to temporarily move my Pilot Client window where I could see it.
  3. Additionally, you can request a descent or vectors or to divert to the nearest available airport, and state the reason, without actually declaring an emergency. The main reason the rule exists is to prevent it from being abused to push yourself to the front of the line, or to monopolize the controller's attention. If you're not doing either of those things, most controllers are likely to accommodate, in my experience and observation.
  4. Weird because I run such a lean setup with relatively few plugins. Maybe the FlyWithLua connection will prove helpful -- I did find a post somewhere that suggested the outdated version had some threading issues that were since fixed. I confess ignorance in that whole realm but I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  5. yeah I tried embedding it in [code] boxes -- used to work on the old forums. sorry. good catch with the POSCON client; I forgot I had that installed. I also updated FlyWithLua as some Googling suggested that as another possible culprit.
  6. Yep -- to say it more simply, if you're operating IFR in an area where no ATC is available, proceed as though you are cleared as filed while announcing intentions of each key flight segment on 122.8.
  7. I don't have the plane myself but it sort of makes me wonder whether the nosewheel is turning beyond 90 degrees, so that when you get it to the bump-stop on your axis the nosewheel is just facing the rear of the plane rolling straight forward? Are there settings within the plane to set the nosewheel tiller ranges? Again, just wondering idly. If this spitballing helps, great. If not, please ignore.
  8. Hi, Justin -- CTD'd on the way into Denver just now, during their FNO. Log.txt attached. It references a "rel_assert Error" and asks to "Attach the debugger" -- what debugger is it looking for? No crash report was created. For what it's worth, my working theory is that there's a specific CSL that triggers it -- how may we confirm or refute? [code] log.txt for X-Plane 11.52r1 (build 115200 64-bit 3e2c383f64d2b13b450f03e946072b2008e4762b) compiled on Feb 9 2021 10:56:37 X-Plane started on Fri Feb 19 19:54:06 2021 This log file is generated automatically by Laminar Re
  9. I can typically see them when at an airport, meaning that other planes are relatively close by. But airborne, it often seems hit-or-miss as to whether I will see other planes at anything more than a couple miles. Can't yet determine whether there's a pattern to it. I recall there being a discussion at the outset wherein tampering with weather or time settings once the sim is running will cause all planes to vanish, and have been careful about completely closing and restarting vPilot after doing so, just to be sure. Still feeling very much like there are times I should be seeing traffic and
  10. Umm, no, not exactly. In cases where no ATIS is being provided (i.e. there's no controller working that airfield), .metar {icao} will get you a METAR observation, and then you can draw your own conclusions about runways and approaches in use. But if a VATSIM controller has an ATIS published, you can usually double-click on their ATIS callsign to get the text version, or, type .atis {icao}_ATIS if you're using a Pilot Client that doesn't have a clickable Controller List. Hope that helps.
  11. What helps me is to keep the airplane sounds coming through the speakers, and the communication sounds coming through the headset. If your PC speakers and headset are separate audio devices (which most are these days), it should be fairly straightforward to set this up -- get your sim sounds running through your default audio device, and set the output device on vPilot to use the headset. I've also found that lowering the sim sound volume through Windows Mixer and then boosting the overall system volume helps to get the ATC audio louder when needed. In cases like Scott's where additiona
  12. Unfortunately, voice-based ATIS has been spotty network-wide lately, and apparently it's something on the AFV server-side that needs fixing. Most pilots, I presume, have gotten in the habit of retrieving the ATIS in text form through their Pilot Client. It's a bit immersion-breaking, for sure, but it will get us by until the AFV developers can work out what's going on and deploy the necessary server updates. Disclaimer: this is my broad, layman's understanding based on what I've seen in these forums as well as on other VATSIM-related social media. I'm not part of the VATSIM admin nor t
  13. There is always a fine line to walk between progress / improvement, and backward compatibility. The beleaguered switch from the legacy voice system to AFV was deliberated and delayed in large part because there was resistance to rendering some of the older Pilot Clients obsolete, making a few of the older sim platforms no longer accessible on VATSIM. Eventually, the desire to continue to support the few users still on the most outdated platforms was outweighed by the desire to update the technology for the betterment of those who remained using newer ones. I expect 8.33kHz support will work
  14. At around 4m35 I did make the point to the pilot that he had served himself well by asking for pattern work after, and not during, the event. Full disclosure, my Ground controller did ask me earlier that night about a pilot that was looking for pattern practice and I asked him to tell the pilot we were too busy at that time. But when the pilot makes a good choice about where and when to make their first few online flights, I would hope that most turn out like this one did.
  15. As additional info, make sure that your model matching excludes any incredibly detailed add-on planes, and includes only "AI models" (stripped-down models which, by design, appear good enough from the outside but include no interior modeling, cockpit systems, etcetera). Your pilot client does not need to spawn in 15 iterations of a fully-modeled detailed plane (FSLabs, PMDG, etcetera) which you'll only be seeing from dozens or hundreds of yards away. Doing so is not only a practical waste but can significantly impact FPS.
  16. The Windows update probably messed with your Privacy settings under Windows Sound Settings, or else the new version of vPilot threw it off. Basically, check under Windows settings for Sound and Privacy ensuring vPilot has permission from Windows to access your microphone.
  17. Essentially, proceed as though you are cleared as filed/planned the rest of the way, and announce your intentions at key stages of the arrival.
  18. vPilot does not add any physical models aside from planes to represent other VATSIM pilots. The menu options you describe are the sim's default AI ATC commands. You should shut that subsystem off when getting onto VATSIM. If you want vPilot to stay visible when not in focus, there's an option for that in vPilot's Settings menu.
  19. Above transition, keep it on standard and don't mess with it. Controllers are well aware that this means you may be a few hundred feet above or below what's showing on your altimeter, depending on the actual local pressure around you. Everyone around you should be doing the same, and tampering with it potentially violates vertical separation.
  20. Usually means a Windows Sound Settings --> Privacy issue. Make sure vPilot has permission to access your mic.
  21. I mean, if you're not averse to paying for it, there's no harm in trying it. For what it's worth, at the outset I found that MSFS2020 weather was not consistent with METAR observations but it has seemed better lately. What I've heard about REX is that it makes weather at the airport more consistent with METAR reports but doesn't do much for conditions aloft. IMHO the idea that each sim pilot's weather varies slightly from that of others around them is not a new one, so I wouldn't let it hold you up from getting on the network while continuing to research and test better solutions.
  22. It's okay, because his argument was based on the false notion that issuing initial clearances and issuing airborne instructions are the same, and one would think he's been around long enough to know that was a silly assertion 😉
  23. The lesson here probably is that in conjunction with programming a route into your FMC, one should always also refer to the charts for the routes and procedures. In addition to the location names, the charts contain a plethora of additional information critical to proper execution.
  24. I don't know how you choose to interpret the word "responsible," but the fact is that we outright CAN and certainly DO both of those things.
  25. Also of note: in the US it is customary to file a SID and a STAR as part of your filed route, if there is a SID and a STAR applicable to your aircraft and navigation type. In many places outside the US, it is customary to file only the enroute portion as ATC will assign your SID and your STAR.
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