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  1. If you plan to fly a Concorde during CTP, you will NOT need to book a slot. Those slots are designed to meter the traffic into the North Atlantic Tracks. Concorde will fly 10,000+ feet above, and 2.5 times as fast as, traffic in those tracks -- so the slot booking for a Concorde serves no purpose.
  2. This was brought up a long time ago. Some FPLs show eight, nine, ten revisions where nothing has changed. And many show that they were edited by "{ICAO}_ATIS" which of course isn't possible. I'll find the previous thread and/or some examples when I get a chance later.
  3. I got a couple "stuck mic" notices during a recent group flight, too, from other pilots on 122.8. Fortunately we were also all in a Discord server so they had another easy way to reach me.
  4. Hmm. Okay, I don't know then. Something else going on there. Sorry.
  5. Hi, Richard -- you're asking a general question about a specific situation. Without specifics as to (a) exactly what route, STAR, Instrument Approach Procedure you were flying, and (b) a verbatim transcript from ATC of the clearances and instructions you were given, we're probably not going to be able to answer your question satisfactorily. In reading your scenario my biggest question is whether you should have even been at the Initial Fix in the first place. If you were on a STAR that dumps off directly into an Approach, then, fine. If you were on a STAR that terminates in an instruct
  6. This is what mine looks like, and it works fine. Yes, it sometimes puts in an airliner when the player is in a GA type, but, that's what we're stuck with until a comprehensive AI model pack like FLAi is available for MSFS.
  7. If memory serves (and serves anything useful, unlike the dust and cobwebs it usually does), I think that is a vPilot thing, but, I agree it would be a nice feature to have in xPilot.
  8. The error message in the red text is telling you EXACTLY what you need to do.
  9. Honestly, I do like where this original poster's head is. Instead of just plowing forward into Cross The Pond with a semi-functional aircraft, he's advocating getting to know those aircraft's limitations and suggesting workarounds. Trust me, I flew my first CTP with the FSX default 747 (yes, REALLY!) and so I know how much extra work it is to fly a plane in an event that doesn't do as much as everyone else's does. That being said, all of the above advice boils down to one thing: DO NOT FLY CTP IN AN AIRCRAFT YOU ARE NOT INTENSELY FAMILIAR WITH. And I don't just mean the aircraft in gen
  10. The default model determines what OTHERS are shown as if a more suitable match cannot be found. It has nothing to do with what YOU are flying. The entry there must exactly match what the model is called in the sim's library of aircraft models.
  11. While you are waiting, it sounds like it would benefit you to read through the documents at the "Learning Center" under my.vatsim.net. That test is there for a reason, and if there's that much you're not yet clear on, you'll have a much better experience on the network if you address those knowledge gaps first.
  12. FSUIPC has a checkbox for artificially extending battery life indefinitely. It makes me wonder whether it's possible that a specific aircraft model is miscoded such that the battery on/off switch uses non-standard coding to kill power to the battery, which that FSUIPC option then (inadvertently) overrides. That may mean that the issue would be solved by disabling that option within FSUIPC, but, it also may be worth approaching the model developer to see why their battery on/off code doesn't map to the battery switch in the usual way. This is all speculation based on very little sp
  13. It works perfectly in the community-modded C152X -- which you can use if you don't mind flying without a DME. Or an autopilot. 😉
  14. What pilot client are you using to connect to VATSIM?
  15. Looks to me like they were. What site did you check? Check stats.vatsim.net
  16. The blue outlined areas indicate Center / Enroute coverage. APP/DEP would be represented by smaller circles, and local controllers (Tower, Ground, Delivery, ATIS) are represented by T/G/D/A icons at the individual airport. Center will cover all ATC duties at all lower positions within their area, usually, if those lower positions aren't covered by someone else.
  17. Yes, VATSIM ATC coverage comes and goes. There are a lot of ATC positions and not enough trained members to staff them 24/7. If you want guaranteed coverage, PilotEdge offers that -- but only during certain hours and in a limited coverage area. And, for a monthly fee. If you want a higher probability of VATSIM coverage, look for scheduled events. VATSIM and VATUSA both have published event calendars.
  18. Hi, Justin -- You're well aware that much ado has been made about the occasional AFV issue where a transmission will start distorted, and will spiral upward in volume and distortion until reaching a near-literal ear-piercing level. In the linked thread below, the consensus is that a possible workaround of ensuring the AFV output slider was set to 0 or below seems to be effective. Since I never increased the output within AFV, I remained immune to this bug. Since the update to xPilot which changed the output scale from -72 to whatever the max was, and made it 0% to 100% and linked t
  19. Nestor, unless there's been a comprehensive poll, I don't agree with your assertion that 5% of VATSIM userbase is experiencing this. 5% may be reporting it, 20% may experience it but see that it's already been reported, and 35% may experience it but have no idea where to report it. Now, of course, I just made those numbers up. But I suspect you also made up the 5% you stated unless you can point us to some data to support that. Personally, I never experienced it myself, but watched *numerous* livestreams of others who did. Much more than 5% of the streamers I watch regularly. Aft
  20. Either is acceptable. And, honestly, during the enroute portion, there's not much you'll really need to say unless you have it on good authority that your path will conflict with someone else's. Once in the destination terminal area, a few "standard" reports are usually customary. And, side note, in case this is useful advice: I recommend you try to make those reports as generic as possible ("737 thirty miles north of the field descending thru 12,000, will be joining approach for runway 28R" is better than "737 inbound via BLUFI4 approaching DALOO," for example). If I'm getting ready to
  21. I would have expected "Runway {xx}, taxi pilot's discretion" if they were too busy to issue a specific taxi instruction.
  22. A good controller, skilled at managing his or her frequency, will not necessarily respond to every radio call when it is received, but will give the most pressing instruction to the plane who needs it in the most time-sensitive matter -- then will come back to any others who recently called in. Sometimes I'll hear Pilot A call for clearance, but the busy controller will first give an approach clearance to Pilot B. Before Pilot B can do his readback, Pilot A, confused because the response didn't sound anything like what he expected (and didn't realize it was for someone else), will key u
  23. One thing that has worked for me has been switching genres. After five years on VATSIM logging airline flights, I started learning GA IFR. Once I got comfortable with that I started trying my hand at VFR. Within the last year I've started getting into back-country bush-style flying. It's helped me to keep things fresh and also gives me lots of things to revisit, giving me more overall variety.
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