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  1. X-Plane has the Zibo 737 and FlightFactor 757 and 767 which are all pretty decent quality (each with pros and cons, of course, but certainly operable on VATSIM).
  2. The only other unexplained Pilot Client error thread I recall seeing lately was this one, but it doesn't sound like the same symptom:
  3. To confirm, I was indeed referring to the text form, which (as mentioned) is considered acknowledged when the pilot squawks the assigned code. Kirk seemed to imply that no time was saved by redirecting pilots to double check PMs, and I disagree.
  4. No, it doesn't. Version 2.1 is still the latest available and it is NOT Vulkan compatible. Last updates on version 3 on the official app website were posted fourteen months ago as of this writing. Much as I respect that Chris's work and personal demands take precedence over the free work he does for VATSIM, my honest recommendation would be to use xPilot rather than continue to hold your breath for a version of xSquawkBox with Vulkan support.
  5. It's teaching them to fish, Kirk. It's an investment in "next time I hear the PM message I'll know it might be my clearance." And PDCs don't require readbacks in the US anyway.
  6. Giving the clearance verbally when one could read it from their message is actually the bigger waste of time in my opinion.
  7. I think generally speaking that transitioning from a solo environment (where AI ATC more-or-less clears you exactly as you filed and expected) to a multiplayer environment (where you might realistically be expected to roll with runway reassignments, reroutes, and other changes to your plan) is one of the larger learning curves coming into VATSIM. It takes time to adjust to the more realistic environment of adapting to changing circumstances, versus the "set it and forget it" mentality you may be used to. Learning that real-world flights don't operate in this manner can be a bit of a culture
  8. It is surprising to me how many people seem really put off by this. It's a private message. If you don't want it, ignore it and call for your clearance verbally anyway. My own logic for a PDC is generally that if it's (a) an aircraft with an FMC and (b) there's nothing major I need to amend with the route, I'll send it as soon as I've had a chance to look it over and validate it. Whether I'm busy or not is often not a factor. Like Dhruv mentioned, you can call me for push/start or taxi five minutes later or an hour later, I don't care. If I sent a PDC and you still call by voice
  9. The AFV standalone is not needed for pilots. The Pilot Client apps all have AFV built in. Just power up your plane, set the in-aircraft audio panel to transmit and receive on COM1, tune the frequency of a nearby controller, listen for a gap in transmissions, and key up and talk.
  10. Liam, ZDC has a facility file for KRDU. Yet I don't see you on the Controller Roster for ZDC. Why are you trying to run vATIS there? EDIT: Liam, I see that you have no connection history to the network thus far. I think you may be confused about what vATIS does. It is used by a VATSIM Air Traffic Controller who is providing ATC to an airport to CREATE an ATIS transmission there. You need to join ZDC as a controller-in-training if you want to do that. As a pilot, your Pilot Client (vPilot, xPilot, swift, etcetera) is used to RETRIEVE an ATIS for a certain airport -- IF a VATSIM controlle
  11. ... as long as you did one of those things by mistake and not in deliberate, willful disregard of a controller's instruction.
  12. If your attitude is this cheery in the forums, I can't wait to hear you on frequency.
  13. The controller was just trying to tell you there was a procedure or instruction you didn't follow properly. Try to figure out what it was so you can improve for next time. Other than that, keep flying.
  14. I agree with Sean -- in the US, visual approaches are the norm if the weather is VMC. Approach controllers can work aircraft onto final with much more aggressive intercept angles and attain much tighter spacing than having to swing them out for miles and miles to make that max-30-degree intercept at least x miles before the FAF. Sean, I've had that happen to me too. Use whatever instruments you have to help you locate the airport -- a VOR/DME if you have one available, or the ILS, or the ND or GPS map screen -- then lie to the controller and say you have it in sight. (DISCLAIMER
  15. Is the pilot client "crashing" like you said in your subject line, or are you being disconnected intentionally due to low framerates? "Crashing" means the program stops running abnormally. On the other hand,, when the client detects low framerates, disconnecting you is what the program is SUPPOSED to do. I'm not sure I believe that the pilot client is responsible for loading in clouds. I don't think xSquawkBox loads in weather information at all. Do you have X-Plane set to Live Weather? What happens if you connect to VATSIM at an airport where the METAR report shows 10SM or 9999m vis
  16. If you want assistance, it probably helps if you tell us what simulator and pilot client you're using.
  17. I always consult the current real-world charts for my location and navigate in reference to those. Even with missing or inaccurate (quite common in MSFS2020) signs I can usually figure out where I am relative to where I chose as my starting location, or relative to the runway, etcetera. ("Okay, he wants me to go via Alpha then Delta, so Alpha is the northbound one here by the GA apron, and Delta is the left turn just before the crossing runway.") In some cases it is the pavement itself that has changed, and you either have to reconcile what you're seeing in sim with what's on the chart
  18. VAT-Spy is not malicious. Thousands of us run it daily with no ill effects. Ensure you get the latest version from https://vatspy.rosscarlson.dev/ vattastic isn't something you need to "get" -- it's a web-based VATSIM activity map. It will show all controllers and pilots connected, regardless of which simulator they're using. Pilots on VATSIM may use FS9, FSX, FSX:SE, X-Plane 10, X-Plane 11, one of several versions of Prepared, MSFS2020, and/or FlightGear. They all end up in the same virtual world together. There is also SimAware.ca (aka map.vatsim.net) which does essentially th
  19. Reaching into the dusty neurons of my brain, I think one of the initial goals of the overall AFV project was to start implementing server-side ATIS to where controllers wouldn't even need to host their own -- they'd just need a means to read what runway config was being advertised so that they could operate the airport accordingly. Since that never materialized and AFV development seems to have hit an elongated pause, I'd love to see the rules amended to allow one controller to broadcast multiple ATIS messages. In ZDC it is often the case that one person working DC_CTR or PCT_APP is providin
  20. Real-world, there's also the possibility to be connected to groundpower, or, to have obtained your clearance by phone from inside the building before heading out to the plane. On VATSIM, it's not common that controllers can actually see whether you've started the plane or not -- so if you're not moving, you're probably not hurting anything.
  21. Correct me if I'm wrong -- but, if you're not assigned an Instrument Approach Procedure on initial contact with the Approach controller, there's no "published missed" to fly anyway. Typically when assigned a visual I will definitely have an IAP briefed and tuned/loaded anyway, just for the added guidance (and also in case I am asked to join the Localizer before having sight of the field, which is a common instruction). But that doesn't mean you're bound to that MAP if you have to go around.
  22. It's not easy, and SimBrief is NOT well-optimized for the task. But here's an overview of the process I use.
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