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  1. Hi Bruno, you are not alone. Justin is working on it - pretty sure will be quickly fixed. See release 1.3.0 thread for details. Cheers
  2. Hi Nico, thanks for your explanation. However it is a little bit hard to follow with all that copy/pasting different folders - so a YouTube video would be very welcomed P.S.: or even simpler: just add some screenshots of how the folder should look like after and maybe one during the process
  3. @Michael Kuhne: just download and intall the most current C++ Redistributable from Microsoft as mentioned in the post Justin linked... You did not read it properly - there are three fixes listed and it is even the first one that should help. I can totally understand Justin - he`s working hard on the code in his free time and so many people just have that "deliver me the working version instantly/without any own effort in troubleshooting" attitude and would e.g. not read any support material before hand.Here is the link again:
  4. @Kai Schuele: please download and install the most current C++ Redistributable from Microsoft... And please next time guys, read the other posts as well before posting - there are so many double posts here. It`s crazy!
  5. Hi Justin,thank you very much for the update. Curious to see if the Instance API also benefits 11.40 with some minor fps bump skipping now each fps drawing.I tried to start X-Plane 11.41 with your current update but it crashes at startup. The reason looks quite straight forward according to the log.txt: xPilot 22:36:01.985 [ERROR] XPDataRefs.h:477/logErrorWithDataRef: When setting up dataref sim/graphics/view/using_modern_driver, the following error occurred: sim/graphics/view/using_modern_driver not found in X-Plane's available Datarefs. --=={This application has crashed because of th
  6. Just wanted to thank you very much Justin for the continous and fast support on your excellent client Justin! Your client quickly became my all time favorite Vatsim client! Lean, small footprint and streamlined configuration. As a developer myself I feel you and thought I`d share this during a period where so many "fps-disconnect"/"window spawn" complaints are reaching you and just raise a voice for the certainly many other very happy silent users of your plugin!
  7. Hey, imho it is implemented since v The "xpilot/ptt" dataref indicates whether the PTT is actively pressed (1=Active, 0=Inactive). Cheers!
  8. I agree I get low FPS Occasionally, however, I am running a script that counteracts the 'time compression' effects of X-plane so that I can achieve normal speed. Additionally, I'd like to know if it's possible to add this feature: When you turn the volume knob in your simulator for the radios the volume level is reflected in the Pilot Client. It came to mind when I noticed that if the client can tell if the aircraft has power to the avionics then this volume feature might be possible. I am eager to hear your thoughts on this! I can recommend this amazing plugin that automatically con
  9. Thanks Justin for this really great update! I had immense CPU issues before updating and now finished 1,5h flights in very busy airspace with no CPU hickups! Very well done!
  10. I'll consider it when a proper cross-platform UI framework for .NET Core is available... Have you tried/looked at Avalonia? It works really good! https://avaloniaui.net/ Cheers!
  11. Thanx Justin for including the xpilot datarefs in the current version - really great!! As I got approached by several linux users - are there any plans on compiling a linux compatible xpilot client? Thanks again!
  12. Hallo Peter, hast Du noch andere Plugins installiert wie XSwquawkbox oder Xswiftbus? Hast Du den Pfad für CSL richtig gesetzt im Plugin für Xpilot? --- Hi Peter, do you have any other plugins installed such as Xsquawkbox or Xswitftbus? Did you set the path to the csl files correclty in the plugin for xpilot?
  13. First of all great client I have to say - thank you very much! It`s a pleasure to use it as it is kept to a functional minimum without sacrificing some nice to have functionality. One thing though I could not derive from the docs: are there any datarefs developers and modders could read regarding the TX/RX status and Network Online status (e.g. connected)? With XSWB there have been these datarefs that could be used for display in the Avionics, e.g. the Aerobask Eclipse 550 GTN 750. This would also help VR fliers seeing actual TX/RX status instead of toggling the xpliot window. Thanks a
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