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  1. Controlling Sweden a few weeks back during the Copenhagen overload
  2. THANKS i´ll have a look at it tomorrow, good night
  3. Hello i have a question about the tags in ES you know the ones that is beside every plane that shows callsign speed altitude etc. I am observing in sweden as MAX_OBS and all of the planes outside sweden shows their callsign but not the ones inside swedish airspace. I show it with a picture Outside SWE Inside SWE can i change that so it shows callsign everywhere (Sorry for my bad english )
  4. IN sweden somwhere. What does ARTCC/FIR mean?
  5. Hello. this is my first visit here on the VATSIM forums. When i registered here i could select to be an atc or an pilot or both and i only selected pilot and now i want to do some ATC'ing, can i add atc "to the list"?
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