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  1. Come one, come all, we are famous for our ability to host Double Header Over The Shoulder (OTS) Exams. They tend to draw a significant amount of traffic. First up is Sarah Thompson is ready to challenge you for her S2 rating! Sarah will attempt to EARN the seal of approval at Edmonton International Airport -to control at what we lovingly refer to as the Pancake CYEG-TWR. Second and certainly not least is Marc Ernst, Our Events Coordinator who is ready to challenge you for his S3 Rating. Marc will also attempt to earn the right and privilege to control departures and arrivals at Edmon
  2. Welcome to the Peace River Valley, we invite you Fly the Chinook Circuit - the Perfect VFR Experience between 3 airports all spaced at approximately 100 nautical miles. In the real world, ATC Services at Fort St John, Peace River and Grand Prairie consist of advisory services to pilots such as relayed IFR ATC clearances, weather, suggested runways, taxiways and circuit traffic information. Except for the flight clearances, advisory services provided by Flight Service Specialists (FSS) are just that. FSS specialists do not control aircraft; they may offer suggestions; it is the ultimate respons
  3. @James Pudney 1000702 I too have tried several and none seem to work. Waiting for answer, in the meantime I might have to drop VATSIM SSO as our current SSO plugin is more than 5 years old with no development and is not compatable with one of our wordpress plugins that I need to upgrade. Hoping for an answer.
  4. @Jamie Janssen Any further progress or information on releasing your WP Plugin in the wild? If not @Nick Harasym or @Nestor Perez would VATSIM be in a position to reccomend an oAuth 2.0 WP Plugin or work with us to slect one that would work?. Thank You
  5. Come experience a true north adventure. We welcome all pilots regardless of skill set. We're here to learn from you, to help both you and our controllers to grow. IFR, VFR and HELO pilots welcome - If you're looking for VFR, cross country, circuits practice we're here for you. The perfect P1 and P2 training environment with Canada's largest fighter base. We'll be online for 3 hours each Thursday night. Sometimes we will be fully represented sometimes not. You'll find both new and seasoned pilots and controllers, come join us. We're waiting for you!
  6. Everyone Welcome - Join us on Dec 14, 2019, and help us celebrate the release of new scenery for the Edmonton CYEG Airport. Stunning in detail including the iconic control tower and office building. Pilots flying into our out of CYEG during the event are eligible to receive a 20% discount coupon for the purpose of purchasing the CYEG Software. One lucky pilot will be entered to win a CYEG scenery package with the compliments of FSimStudios our sponsor for this event. Full details on our Website at https://czeg.ca/christmas-flyin Scenery details and stunning pictures are available at ht
  7. Is it possible to retrieve and populate the members Vatsim registered email address into our Wordpress user database as is done with CID and users first and last username? We use BlaatSchaap! - Thanks
  8. I'm curious to know the results of your findings Steven Fauconnier. We are experiencing the exact same issue, which we suspect is a plugin we use that reads the WP User List. I suspect if the email address for the user in the WP user database is blank or the same as another user it causes an issue with Vatsim SSO where users are unable to login and are directed to a "Registration" Site! Through me for a loop but working with the developer to investigate the issue.
  9. VATCAN Presents Full Coverage - Cross Canada Event - 12 Hours During Christmas, and we’re inviting you! It’s our premier and an inaugural event that we hope will continue year after year. We’re opening up all of our airspaces including Oceanic - starting at 9 AM Atlantic Standard Time that’s 13:00 Zulu in a staggered fashion for 12 hours. What that means is you can enjoy full coverage across all of Canada and the POND for at least 8 hours. So drag out your favourite piece of tin get her in the air, and we’ll be there to safely guide you and your piece of tin from departure to arrival and
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