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  1. The logic here is simple. For example, if you want to control in the UK you wait your turn in the queue. If you just want to control faster and don't really care where, then you transfer someplace that has little to no queue. You get to control and everyone is happy. What this policy is stopping is the person who's too important to wait their turn in the queue and instead transfers somewhere to "cut the line" and transfers back out after completing the rating training. That is 1000% a selfish practice and helps nobody other than the controller themself. The training division / sub-divisio
  2. This is not 100% correct. A Major Endorsement can have a practical exam. It’s the restricted that as currently written is written only. The thought process on all of it is that you should be able to get a student signed off sooner if you’re not training all the complexities of the restricted or major right out of the gate.
  3. Just because we didn’t respond to it doesn’t mean it wasn’t read. You are putting forth some valid thoughts that are being taken into account.
  4. There is and there isn't. Is the student at a point in their training where they can handle (to pull a random number) 90% of all the scenarios they might see? Is it going to be a couple of weeks before that student gets another session in which time there is going to be a degradation in skillset due to lack of practice? If the answer is yes, then why not let them out on a solo so they can start getting some practice on their own? No they're not going to be perfect, but we got to let them out of the nest at some point. So many discussions on other mediums have been about student responsi
  5. There will be a transition period when the final document becomes policy. 6 months does sound fair, but we’re not even close to that point yet. We’re still reviewing the initial comments and making tweaks there.
  6. Simply put you can’t. “Ratings tourist” is a nice name here. The true identity of these people are those that want to control in a place that has a very long training queue. To jump the line, they transfer somewhere where they can get trained fast and once they get the rating, the transfer back to the place they really wanted to be, allowing an accelerated training program now that they have the rating, thus leaving the previous place in the dust.
  7. ^bingo. By doing this, you also can have people controlling more positions while waiting for endorsement training.
  8. No. Instructing really isn’t that enjoyable. There is a lot of time and effort invested in each student to ensure that they are able to provide ATC on the network. Instructors do this selfless job because they want to contribute and make VATSIM, but more so their local facility a better place. It is the ultimate insult to an instructor and their time to leave immediately after getting your rating. This is why we are making that controller who used the time of the instructor have to contribute back to the community they trained in, before they are allowed to transfer out. As with most thi
  9. The bigger concern here is the terminology “being saddled with,” “division override,” etc. Are you saying if a VA came to you with a plan on how they would conduct ramp operations you’d show them the door because you didn’t want them to do it? If so, this is rightly where division leadership and you should have a bit of a chat.
  10. The term “division or sub division” throughout the document is referring to the “owner” of the airspace. So in a case with a subdivision. It’s on the VA to make the LOA with the subdivision. They can only work the ramp ares delegated to them via LOA. They’re not getting free reign on the entire airport.
  11. It is very high and for good reason. The training staffs invest significant amounts of time training people for their area and we want to make sure their work isn’t in vain. The requirements ensure that those places see the return on their time investment as opposed to someone coming in to skip a training queue somewhere and then immediately transferring out after getting their rating.
  12. You would be able to withhold. The GCAP states a limited amount of training. It is intentionally vague here to allow for variance. It means it can be more than 1 session, but it can’t be the same amount required for a major. We’re trusting sub-divisons will make the right call here.
  13. Ok. Let's use your ZBW example. You say that they will just certify somebody on the next session as a surprise. Ok great. Where was the CPT for that? As GCAP reads as CPT is required for award of the rating. Let's ignore that for a moment though. If the student is going to be certified next week, then what changed between this week and next week that mandated full certification? Is the student really that much more proficient after 1 week, especially not having controlled? Why make them wait another week for a full certification when you could let them out and get some practice now.
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