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  1. Anglais, s’il vous plaît
  2. Pushback is part of a routine flight and the pilots are in the cockpit starting engines, etc.
  3. This slides into a very grey area under CoC A9 and A13, but my view is that this activity wouldn't be supported on the network. If you're under tow, you're not operating the aircraft, even if you're sitting in the cockpit and giving instructions to the tow crew as you're essentially driving the tug. The question comes down to if are you actively participating in the network if you're under tow, and if you are are you connected as a pilot? My opinion is you are not as pilots don't sit in the cockpit whilst their aircraft are under tow, you usually have a member of maintenance or other trai
  4. The official rule is that anyone may use text, receive only, or full voice. Now, some think using text only as a beginner is helpful, maybe it is, as you can see what the controller told you to do instead of hearing and understanding. However, as others mentioned it does add a significant amount of workload to both the pilot and controller. Mic fright is real, but the way you get over it is by doing your research, understanding the normal communications flow, which gives you an idea of what to anticipate ATC will say, and finally just jumping in and smashing that PTT button. It's n
  5. There are plenty more ATC positions that can be opened up to support these events.
  6. Have you successfully completed the New Member Orientation Course and Knowledge Check? You won't be able to sign onto the live network until this is done.
  7. Glad it worked, but as Don said. It can take up to 24 hours for some to be able to connect.
  8. Depending on pilot location and your transceiver setup they should sound good. VHF really doesn’t sound bad at close range.
  9. You open a ticket with membership. Https://membership.vatsim.net and they will get it sorted for you. There’s nothing we can do on the forums to help you.
  10. Your are able to fly to any airport, including military ones. What you can not do is conduct military operations such as interception, dogfighting, etc unless you are with an approved VSOA organization.
  11. Have you completed the New Member Orientation course? That needs to be done prior to having your exam assigned. However I looked into this and saw the exam was indeed assigned. I’ve deleted that assignment and reassigned it, so please recheck and see if you can see it now in the myVATSIM exam center.
  12. I don't know much about pushback, but you don't use in game ATC for anything on VATSIM. I would just mute it.
  13. You’re going to run into some problems based on your screenshots. You need to change the default mode back to the generic Airliner twin engine Asobo 00 as in the screenshot below.
  14. There is a recent issue between the people at FLAi and some of the people who create the models and paint them. FLAi takes having permission to compile and redistribute the authors original works very seriously and will not allow the package to be downloaded without that permission. As a result, FLAi had to suspend operations until this issue is resolved. Let’s all hope for a quick and positive resolution to the problem.
  15. That’s pretty dismissive of the controller’s enjoyment. As great and patient as most of our controllers are, they’re still human and are doing this for their own enjoyment. You add up that one pilot over and over and over, and it becomes very unenjoyable for the controller. Pilots should strive to improve every flight on the network and take it upon themselves to seek further training.
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