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  1. Welcome to the community and congratulations on completing your first flights! Each one gets easier as you get more practice, but even with all the hours I have on the network I still make a boneheaded mistake at least once every flight.
  2. I’ve never had a problem working top-down with vERAM? 🤷‍♂️
  3. Have a read of the documentation. You must ensure your audio panel in the plane is correctly set.
  4. Alpha India Group is your only legitimate option for freeware right now. https://www.alpha-india.net/2021/01/15/aigaim-oci-for-vatsim-prepar3d-v4-and-v5-only/
  5. You want to turn off all of the MSFS assists. They cause lots of problems on VATSIM.
  6. Everybody. This has gone far enough. What started out as a simple request by one of our fellow members to try to improve our communication skills has devolved into a discussion that has absolutely no place in our community. VATSIM will always be welcoming of any person who shares a love for online aviation, desires further knowledge of aviation, and wants to connect with people who share the same passion. As we are a global community, we have a sampling of every possible opinion out there, with the possible exception of not liking airplanes. We need to remember this and know that it is our lov
  7. Stupid question, but are there ATC online?
  8. I’ve allowed this discussion to go on as a direct result of the BoG being interested in people’s opinions. Threads such as this have been locked far quicker than going on for 4 pages in the past. You are right, preserving /t is something that is beneficial to newer pilots in addition to those that have a disability which necessitates its use. VATSIM has always advocated that users use voice. It’s even codified in A14. You are also right that previous BoG’s have been a bit more skewed to quantity over quality and I was right there with many of you disagreeing with the decisions be
  9. Because who are we to determine who needs it? /t is an option that all pilots have available to them for whatever reason THEY deem necessary. It's not for us to decide what constitutes a valid reason for each pilot. Whether it's a disability that necessitates it or a new pilot who wants to get started but is too scared to try voice to start or wants the reassurance of seeing what he should expect to hear later on in his career, it is there and will remain so for the foreseeable future.
  10. /r can cause delays too as when controllers are busy they may not be monitoring their text window as well as they should so it is very easy to get lost in the shuffle there as well. VATSIM will remain open to all. There are currently no plans to restrict /t.
  11. Have you recently changed your password? If so that can take up to 24 hours to sync. If not, make sure you enter it exactly as it appears, capitalization matters, and try again. Worst case scenario, try requesting a new password at my.VATSIM.net and know that it could be 24 hours again before you can connect, but you may have luck before then if you pick a different server.
  12. Still working. These things take time. We will update you when we have an update to give.
  13. Not quite the right place to post this question, but the answer is yes. It will be reassigned after an hour.
  14. Have you successfully passed the P0 exam in myVATSIM? If so, it has not been 24 hours since you created your account it can take up to 24 hours from passing the exam or requesting a new password for the servers to sync. You are welcome to try another server before then to see if it lets you connect.
  15. Anglais, s’il vous plaît
  16. Pushback is part of a routine flight and the pilots are in the cockpit starting engines, etc.
  17. This slides into a very grey area under CoC A9 and A13, but my view is that this activity wouldn't be supported on the network. If you're under tow, you're not operating the aircraft, even if you're sitting in the cockpit and giving instructions to the tow crew as you're essentially driving the tug. The question comes down to if are you actively participating in the network if you're under tow, and if you are are you connected as a pilot? My opinion is you are not as pilots don't sit in the cockpit whilst their aircraft are under tow, you usually have a member of maintenance or other trai
  18. The official rule is that anyone may use text, receive only, or full voice. Now, some think using text only as a beginner is helpful, maybe it is, as you can see what the controller told you to do instead of hearing and understanding. However, as others mentioned it does add a significant amount of workload to both the pilot and controller. Mic fright is real, but the way you get over it is by doing your research, understanding the normal communications flow, which gives you an idea of what to anticipate ATC will say, and finally just jumping in and smashing that PTT button. It's n
  19. There are plenty more ATC positions that can be opened up to support these events.
  20. Have you successfully completed the New Member Orientation Course and Knowledge Check? You won't be able to sign onto the live network until this is done.
  21. Glad it worked, but as Don said. It can take up to 24 hours for some to be able to connect.
  22. Depending on pilot location and your transceiver setup they should sound good. VHF really doesn’t sound bad at close range.
  23. You open a ticket with membership. Https://membership.vatsim.net and they will get it sorted for you. There’s nothing we can do on the forums to help you.
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