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  1. Still a lot of unknowns here.

    Did the Center Controller clear you for the Approach? If so, continue onto the Final Approach fix and he should clear you for landing or handed you off to the tower if online around there. If not, ask him if you're cleared to land, he may have been busy with other aircraft and forgot.

    If not, then ask the center controller if you are cleared for the approach.

  2. You need to enter in an aircraft type code in the box below as opposed to just selecting a recent aircraft. The recent aircraft list will work once you've connected to the network for the first time as a timesaving method, but honestly I just type my callsign and aircraft type in each time and don't use that feature.

  3. On 9/17/2020 at 6:37 AM, Daniel Forslund said:

    Since returning from my hiatous, I have been met with some relatively snarky attitudes both online and here on the forums. Each time I have written it off as "one time = no time", ie. sh*t happens sometimes and is best ignored.

    However, over the last couple of days I took part in a thread I started regarding problems with flightplan filing. Turned out it was user error on my part. But before I could even confirm this I was 1) repeatedly met with a quite snarky attitude, 2) had my topic closed for no apparent reason.

    Even better, "Matthew" who seems to be an VATSIM team member cannot even receive private messages. Why on earth not?

    So, here is an open letter to him, or anyone else in an official position. I think it sums up my feelings quite well. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. The response will dictate my future membership.



    May I respectfully ask why you closed my forum thread abruptly? I did not even have a chance to respond to clarify that yes, it was the callsign field that I incorrectly filled in that messed things up. It was indeed likely user error on my part.

    I must say that this combined with the rather confrontative attitude of Andreas - and some controllers online - have me reconsidering being a member of VATSIM. Not sure where the attitudes are coming from, but they certainly aren't coming from me. I am a gainfully employed professional with a normally positive and happy demeanour. However, VATSIM currently gives off the vibes of a bunch of relatively grumpy and unhappy people. That simply is not for me.

    Looking forward to your explanation. I might reconsider.



    I have replied to you privately via email.

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  4. On 9/15/2020 at 3:11 PM, Elan Shudnow said:

    So I think traffic actually may be working.  I just saw a plane takeoff at JFK.  I looked at Simaware and apparently a plane did just takeoff from that same runway at the same time I saw it while connected.  I guess the problem is, why aren't the planes showing up on my VFR Map?  And when I was landing in a Class B yesterday and was told I was third in line, I could not see any other planes in the air. 

    That's a whole other issue. The TCAS and traffic maps do not pick up VATSIM traffic as they haven't been programmed to do so. This is a good topic to submit to zendesk.

  5. Interesting as I've never had that happen with a vPilot update. Perhaps instead of doing an auto update, uninstall vPilot, download the update from the website, and reinstall vPilot from that update. Not as easy as an auto update, but it would be helpful to know if that caused you the same problems.

  6. Prefiling is super convenient when you are preplanning and using something like pfpx or simbrief. Everything prepopulates and you hit send. Then you can just connect and call up atc without having to use the flight plan window. I find that a bit more clunky than using prefile.

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  7. Those are likely being added back in by the website for clarity. As far as ATC goes, the hyphen is not recognized or input into the system in the real world. The controller would see CGLKT.  Therefore the more modern clients on VATSIM do not allow for the hyphen.

  8. if the freeware developers create the models and paints then I don't see why not. The issue right now is that the legacy models and paints from FSX P3D do not work with MSFS and thus must be made new. Once that happens, there is no reason on our side that they would not be able to work on VATSIM with a new VMR

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  9. 3 hours ago, Robert Shearman Jr said:

    Yeah, and while opinions vary widely on the topic of this being allowable and okay, personally I don't like it.  My opinion is that if you want to take off, cruise for a short amount of time, then land, it's so much easier just to pick a shorter flight.  But, I get that different people take their simming joy in different ways.  

    Here Here!

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