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  1. The unpredictability of life could put any of us in a position of need. Accidents can happen at any moment that leave you or loved ones without the resources to receive medical attention or make it back home. What would anyone do in this situation? Imagine if a group of volunteer pilots were available to fly you anywhere in the country to receive top of the line medical care. Imagine if these volunteer pilots could take you on one last trip to see your family on the other coast. Angel Flight Central does all this and more. These pilots, out of the goodness of their hearts, selflessly
  2. Air Force One, will always get put to the back of my line! Seriously though, are there any pilots who aren't complete newbies who actually use that one?
  3. As of the last update from our ATM it's gonna be about the end of the month PM me your email and i'll send you all of our docs Matt vZAU Events Director
  4. Congrats Gary! I'm confident you'll take VATUSA to the next level!
  5. If you live in Southwest Michigan ZAU, Chicago would be best. See ya online!
  6. Thanks to all who flew in last night for a great event!
  7. KLWA... Wow I didn't think anyone but me knew about that airport Let's not forget that we were robbed of the first airport any of us flew out of, KCGX Meigs Field
  8. This event was orginally scheduled for the 23, and we fought long and hard about whether or not it would be a smart gamble with people out of town. Well, you can see which logic prevailed
  9. ZAU is bringing back Friday Night Ops next Friday, November 16th with The Turkey Trot. Grab a turkey sandwich and slice of our ATC pie as we staff up Chicago O'Hare and Chicago Midway with top notch controllers in the triumphant return of FNO. We hope to see all of you Friday Night Ops lovers there. Event starts at 19:00 CST or 00:00 z
  10. Let's get the official Turkey Trot Banner up in here!
  11. Congrats David! I know you'll be keeping ZAUs Southwest border in check!
  12. The girls have gone to the mall! Grab your turkey sandwich and pumpkin pie and hop into the left hand seat while you have the chance! ZAU will be staffing Chicago O'Hare and Midway in a Friday Night Ops style event starting at 1900 CST until the last plane arrives!
  13. To get into an ARTCC and start a training program you must p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the Exam, when you sign up for VATSIM, you are given the rating of Pilot/Observer which means you can observe to your heart's content
  14. You need to go to individual ARTCC's Website, there should be a downloads section where you can get the sector files.
  15. October brings out the best of Fall. Apple Cider, Football Games, and of course, the leaf colors. All of these pale in comparison to the Corn Maze. ZAU invites you to get lost in our amber waves and explore our great Iowa Corn Maze. We will be staffing Moline / Quad Cities, IL (KMLI), Cedar Rapids, IA (KCID) and Waterloo, IA (KALO). Event is 10/20/07 starting at 1900z
  16. A Mascot?! Honestly! Aren't there more important things? Like coming up with a salute, or policies or i don't know solutions to problems?
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