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  1. Brant couldn’t have said it any better! Welcome and enjoy!
  2. VATSIM is delighted to annouce two major news items today. The first is our new branding and logo as seen above. We will be rolling out more information on the logo in the coming days as well as a branding guide to our members that have a need to use our new look. The second is that we have been working with the team at Microsoft and Asobo Studios for some time and are happy to annouce that VATSIM will be compatable with Microsoft Flight Simulator upon launch on August 18th, 2020. As we celebrate the next generation of Flight Simulation with Microsoft, we're announcing the start
  3. Has your account been reactivated? If you have been gone awhile you will need to reactivate. Check this link for instructions https://www.vatsim.net/members/member-help
  4. We would need to see the actual disconnection message to determine why you were disconnected. It could have been that you were interfering with network operations and a supervisor was trying to get ahold of you and you failed to respond, leading him to disconnect you from the network as that is what triggers “forcible disconnection messages”. Based on your story this is not likely as a supervisor would have tried to contact you via private message before disconnecting you from the network. It’s also possible that you internet was not stable and you were disconnected from the network
  5. You don't P9 will no longer exist.
  6. When it comes to NOTAMS that can be simulated, I usually just control with the NOTAM in place and issue control instructions accordingly. 9 times out of 10, the pilots follow along without a care as to why operations may not be normal and just comply. On that 10th time when they request something clearly in contradiction of the NOTAM, I will advise the of the NOTAM. That usually gets them to play along. If they insist, you can either grin and bear it and issue the clearance or in FAA land use the magic "Proceed as requested, departure/arrival to X will be at your own risk" 😀
  7. This is an unrelated issue happening on all servers. The tech team is working hard to figure out the cause but it's not one that seems to have any rhyme or reason to it, thus making it a bit more difficult to solve.
  8. Current and Future Changes to VATSIM FSD Servers Last weekend VATSIM began the next phase of modernizing its network infrastructure. This phase involves changes to our FSD servers, which are the servers you choose when connecting to VATSIM on your pilot and controller clients. When completed, users will no longer have to select a VATSIM server when connecting to the network. Instead you will be connected to the best server for your area automatically. You will simply enter your credentials and connect. Accomplishing this task requires the retirement of some of our legac
  9. until
  10. until
    Test Test Test
  11. The official ruling is no. Airshows are not permitted. The audience would be in violation of CoC A9. Outside of the CoC violation though, like Rob said, the audience wouldn’t be getting anything out if it anyway due to the way the simulators render traffic on VATSIM.
  12. Gents, I understand this is a hot topic for you and you are disappointed that the rule exists. However I have not seen a loss in the community aspect in the year this rule has been in effect. Even as of this posting only 27 users out of 934 have opted for CID only. That's only 2.8% of all connected users. I've done this math at random intervals over the past year and not once have I seen CID only users hitting 5% or greater of all connected users. We're calling doom and death to our community over the smallest of percentages that are not comfortable or willing to put their name out
  13. Gents, As was stated in the previous topic on the issue, this is purely an option and nothing more. It is an option that we hope most people in our community choose not to use as we believe in the community aspect of the network that comes from using your name. As of the time of this posting there are 1307 unique connection to VATSIM and only 24 people are using CID only. That's only 1.8% of the total connections right now meaning that just over 98% of our connected members believe in the communal aspect of VATSIM enough to continue to use their name online. We're actually thrilled
  14. The problem with these suggestions is that when you are below 20 FPS you are in a slowed sim rate. It kicks in immediately, the question is are you below it long enough for ATC or pilots to notice it. VATSIM set 30 seconds as the cutoff point for it to be noticeable to other pilots and controllers. Going up to 1-2 minutes is way too long because by that time, your aircraft poses a potential collision risk to the aircraft behind you in sequence due to time dilation.
  15. Gents, A17 applies to any tragic situation. The situation in China right now is quite tragic and there has been loss of life. As such, VATSIM will not allow users to use such an event as a means to draw traffic regardless of the reason. It may be semantics, but a fly-in to Wuhan just because is perfectly fine, but a fly-in to Wuhan to provide virtual support for a very real crisis is not. I will be locking this thread now.
  16. Is your audio control panel configured correctly? Need to ensure the volume level on your selected radio is turned up or you will not get atc voice.
  17. Known issue with AFV. It is being worked on.
  18. Perhaps instead of just complaining about it, you can provide the logs of what‘s going on so the developers can figure out what your particular problem might be and use that to refine the logic.
  19. Lower your rendering settings
  20. I’m having trouble understanding the poor hardware crowd. I’ve personally seen X-Plane run on a complete potato of a laptop computer with above 20 FPS stable, it wasn’t very pretty, but it did it. If such a computer is able to run X-Plane at 20FPS then there must be a reason why people with better, yet not top of the line machines are having problems. Is it an unwillingness to reduce settings? Use of an add on that is not optimized and uses a lot of the available horsepower for framerate? Is it something else completely? If it’s one of the above, we need to make sacrifices to participate in t
  21. VATSIM is looking for the talented graphic designers in our membership to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in our marketing department. As you can see, our VP Marketing and Communication can't do very well himself! People interested in helping please email [email protected] to make our images look better!
  22. Time to be blunt. It's simply not going to happen. Just because this moment you are not interfering even if you checked who's online that doesn't mean that in the next moment you won't be.
  23. The disconnect will happen regardless of air traffic control being online or offline. Slow FPS xplane users still cause conflicts with other pilots even when there is no atc around.
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