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  1. Do you have your microphone selected for the correct radio in your aircraft's audio control panel?
  2. Need more information here. What Pilot client, what sim, where were you?
  3. VATSIM is happy to announce that the first pilot client designed exclusively for Audio for VATSIM, xPilot, is now released for our Windows Based x-plane users. Get it now at vats.im/xpilot Thank you to developer Justin Shannon for his work on this amazing new client!
  4. Standalone is windows based only. Some users have had success using wine to make it work. Otherwise you will have to use swift or wait for xSquawkbox to have native implementation.
  5. Hi Matthew, We double-checked the vis points, they were perfectly centered on the airport. Didn't help - even if we slewed the plane up to gain some altitude it was still just as degraded. Adding it into the facilities database worked perfectly. That does mean we have to do it for GND, TWR and APP for all our airports though I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume? Just concerned it'll mean a LOT of added transceivers at the end of the day. There is definitely something odd going on there. perhaps trying to add additional transceivers via controller client source on the airport itself would res
  6. Ensure that the visibility center in EuroScope is centered over the airport. It's likely that the visibility center is not thus placing the transceiver off the airport somewhere resulting in that degradation. If that does not fix it then have your facilities engineer place a transceiver on the airport through the station editor and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign it to your positions.
  7. There are major updates to vPilot and the Audio for VATSIM Standalone. All users of these clients must upgrade to version vPilot 2.4.0 and Audio for VATSIM 1.6.30 immediately. If you are currently on VATSIM, please close your client and update.
  8. Swift have an alpha build that runs on Mac https://dev.swift-project.org/phame/post/view/17/swift_and_afv/
  9. This is accurate. xPilot is not yet released. Very soon though.
  10. You‘re not on any sever. The voice servers such as liveatc.net etc are no more. There is only AFV
  11. Relax... You've not been forgotten about. Full xplane support on all non windows operating systems is coming rapidly. Those devs are working extremely hard and we could even have functionality for both before we even come back online Monday
  12. As we are quite occupied with the implementations stage, we locked all the beta channels to not distract the developers. If you have a problem that is so critical that it would hold release of AFV, then let a BoG member know and we will communicate it directly to the team. We have tried general channels, but with over 3000 people that have access it turns into a general chat and any support requests are lost. So it is not the best method for what you are seeking.
  13. All users can now access the downloads and updates they will need for the launch of Audio for VATSIM on Monday. There may be some slight changes to the docomeentation as the X Plane clients are rapidly being updated. Head over to vats.im/audio to find everything you need about Audio for VATSIM, including download links, text instructions for installations, tutorial videos on installing and using clients as well as best practices for using Audio for VATSIM, and more! We‘re very excited to bring the next generation of VATSIM to you very soon!
  14. Swift have released a public alpha. https://dev.swift-project.org/phame/post/view/17/swift_and_afv/
  15. Swift have released a public alpha. https://dev.swift-project.org/phame/post/view/17/swift_and_afv/
  16. Users have had some success running the standalone using wine. You can also run the AFV client on a windows based computer and xPlane on your mac using the network is address. The xSquawbox and Swift Development teams are well aware of this issue and are working very hard to get a AFV Native client released ASAP for our Mac users.
  17. All the slots have been booked so that is why you don't see any. You can still fly without a slot but will likely experience delays and have to fly on the non-event track.
  18. Bill. Here is a good reason based on fact and not false narrative. FSINN and Squawkbox will be decommissioned within 6 months. There does not have to be a technical reason. VATSIM can choose what clients it wants to support and it could simply choose to not support them right now on the basis that it doesn’t like them. While we never would make such a move for that reason, that’s as simple as the reasoning has to be. There are significant technical reasons outside AFV that require that these clients be retired sooner rather than later unless the clients are miraculously supported by t
  19. 24 hour notice!!!! Slots for the first Cross the Pond on Audio for VATSIM will open tomorrow starting at 18:00z. The slots will be available on a staggered schedule as follows 1800Z - MCO/ORD Slots Open 1830Z - MIA Slots Open 1900Z - YYZ/BOS Slots Open 1930Z - JFK Slots Open Good luck to all looking to get a slot for this edition of Cross the Pond!
  20. It's a myth that you need to change clients, at the moment anyway. The plan 6 months ago unanimously supported by the BoG was to retire the legacy clients upon Audio for VATSIM launch. The AFV development team lobbied the BoG extremely hard, and did get a stay of execution of FSINN and Squawkbox for launch of Audio for VATSIM. Do note that this is a very temporary measure. FSINN and Squawkbox are over 15 years old and have not been maintained for almost 10 years. We simply can not advance the network or sure up our infrastructure while allowing these clients to still be able to
  21. VATSIM is looking to create some short tutorial videos for the upcoming release of Audio for VATSIM! Any of our members with video creation and editing skills please email marketing (at) vatsim.net to express your interest!
  22. Airfield Voting has opened for Cross the Pond: Eastbound All VATSIM members may vote for one departure and one arrival airport at vats.im/ctp Voting closes at 2359z on 21SEP19. Good Luck to all who are in the running!
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