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  1. We are announcing another open beta for Audio for VATSIM! This time in the Boston vARTCC Airspace! The test is this Wednesday 04 September from 2300z until 0300z All interested pilots need to sign up for the beta at vats.im/beta and express interest on that website. All who do will be accepted into the beta about 24 hours prior to the test. If all goes well, this could be one of the last beta tests before full release!
  2. We are announcing another open beta for Audio for VATSIM! This time in the Boston vARTCC Airspace! The test is this Wednesday 04 September from 2300z until 0300z All interested pilots need to sign up for the beta at vats.im/beta and express interest on that website. All who do will be accepted into the beta about 24 hours prior to the test. If all goes well, this could be one of the last beta tests before full release!
  3. Attention all Control Facilities! Cross the Pond: Eastbound 2019 applications are now open until 2359z on 08 September 2019! Remember that only ATC facility Staff may submit an application. All others well be discarded.
  4. VATSIM UK’s largest event of the year is this weekend, and we look forward to all VATSIM members experiencing the best ATC the UK has to offer! A large number of UK positions will be staffed live from a conference room in Birmingham, UK from 0900z - 2100z on Saturday 24 August and again from 0900z to 1200z on Sunday 25 August on our current codec, live on the VATSIM network. On Sunday the controllers will be shifting to separate audio for the VATSIM beta server, attempting the largest beta test we have seen to date to stress test our new voice solution. This test will run from 1300z - 1700
  5. I get the concerns about the dehumanizing of the network by allowing only CID’s for connection. There was quite a bit of debate at the BoG level as far as whether or not to allow this. Many of the same concerns you have all voiced were brought up during these discussions. Ultimately we voted in favor of allowing our members to have options. That’s all CID only is, an option. It’s one that we hope that the majority of our fellow members will not choose to use but it is there for our members who are concerned that having their real name required for use on the network is a privacy risk.
  6. The VATSIM Pilot Training Department is seeking applications for the position of Primary Operations Inspector (POI). -POIs report to VATGOV14 and their Directors of Operation -POIs are responsible for serving as a direct liaison with [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned ATOs, evaluating new ATO applications, new pilot training programs, answering their ATO’s questions, conducting periodic compliance audits, and helping ensure the overall success of their [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned ATO’s in their area of the world. All positions: -Abide by the requirements of the VATS
  7. You're exactly right. There is little room for interpretation, but your interpretation is incorrect. As someone previously mentioned, it's similar to VSOA policy as far as whether or not there is a violation for any not explicitly named call sign. Are you using the doomed flight's callsign? Are you flying the same route as the doomed flight? Are you crashing the airplane? If the answer is yes to all of those then you are in violation for recreating the disaster. It's more restrictive for events as it's intent in laymen's terms is that you can not use a tragedy as the basis for creatin
  8. On Monday July 15,2019 at 00:00z an updated version of the VATSIM Code of Conduct will come into effect. This update has been under development for several months. The updates modernize the Code of Conduct to reflect the many years of change on the network. The general intent remains unchanged - members are expected behave in a manner that is respectful and tolerant of others while enjoying their time on VATSIM. The New Code of Conduct can be found at http://vats.im/coc While many of the items in the Code of Conduct have been tweaked or reworded for clarity, most of them
  9. Please post your questions and requests for clarification here and a member of the supervisor department will respond to it. Note, this is not a place to debate parts of the Code of Conduct, only a place to receive clarification should something be confusing.
  10. Save the Date! Cross the Pond Eastbound will be held October 26, 2019. Airfield applications and voting dates will be announced soon. Stay Tuned!
  11. https://www.vatsim.net/events/vateud-first-scopes
  12. Posted to vatsim.net events page https://www.vatsim.net/events/woh-group-groupflight
  13. Posted to vatsim.net events page https://www.vatsim.net/events/whale-fly-kack
  14. Posted to vatsim.net events page https://www.vatsim.net/events/canadian-xpress-june-fly-chicago-cincy
  15. Posted to the VATSIM.net events page https://www.vatsim.net/events/rock-gibraltar
  16. I'm no programmer and talking out of my other mouth, but it seems like you could take raw radar data that gives the coordinates of the cells and put that through a weather engine that tells the sim, put cell here. That would be a lot better than the current version where the metar just says, yeah thunderstorm. Put it somewhere.
  17. We are also working on a blog post detailing the results on the test. We should have that out within the next couple of weeks.
  18. Still waiting on your invite to the Audio for VATSIM Beta? You're in luck! We will be demonstrating our new voice technology at FlightSim Expo June 8 & 9th and need your help to bring the traffic! We will be offering departure slots to and from Orlando with full ATC on the AFV Beta. Anyone who signs up to fly a slot will be automatically added to the beta! Slots will open on this Saturday (June 1) at 1900z. More information at http://vats.im/afv
  19. It is with pleasure that the Board of Governors announces the appointment of Aidan Stevens to the position of VATGOV6, Vice President of Web Services and the formal move of Matt Cianfarani to the position of VATGOV3, Vice President, Network Systems. Aidan has been serving as the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant to VP Web for the past 12 months and is the lead tech behind several VATSIM tech projects currently being rolled out. His dedication and proven leadership will make him an excellent addition to the team. We look forward to seeing the continued development of VATSIM Technology over
  20. If you're in the USA. Use any combination of 5 letters and numbers with the numbers always preceding the letters. For example... N575AM N6774U N598MT
  21. The 1st beta for Audio for VATSIM was completed last week and we are happy to share results with you. Have a look at vats.im/blog for all of the information! There is also some information about the future of our legacy clients contained in the blog post so it's highly recommended reading!
  22. VATSIM announces new Vice President - Membership April 13, 2019 VATSIM is pleased to announce that Don Desfosse has been selected to the Board of Governors as the new Vice President - Membership (VATGOV12). Don hails from the Northeast United States and brings a wealth of VATSIM staff experience to the Board of Governors. Don has served in various leadership positions within VATSIM as a supervisor, ATC instructor, Air Traffic Manager for the Boston vARTCC, and Division Director for the United States Division. Don brings fresh new ideas for not only the membership department, but f
  23. swift team announces open public beta VATSIM is pleased to share that after nearly 6 years of development, the swift Development Team have announced that their new pilot client has reached the phase of public beta. What is swift? swift is a brand new pilot client supported by VATSIM. It is compatible with all the major flight simulator platforms including Microsoft Flight Simulator, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, X-Plane as well as FlightGear. swift can be used on Windows, MacOS and Linux. swift is the only approved VATSIM client to connect to all supported simulators on nearly all commonl
  24. VATSIM First Wings - The event where you lose your fears and join in on the fun that is flying online with real people providing you Air Traffic Control services. Between 2300z on April 27th and 0200z on the 28th, VATSIM will be holding the second edition of this event, this time around in North America. Minneapolis and Chicago Air Traffic Controllers will be our hosts for the evening, staffing Rochester, Rockford, Eastern Iowa and Duluth International. We are all aware of the many fears one has the first time he or she flies online (we all flew our first flight at one point!), an
  25. March 31, 2019 VATSIM announces signups for Audio for VATSIM Large Scale Testing VATSIM is happy to announce that we are moving into the advanced testing phases of the new audio solution, Audio for VATSIM (AFV). AFV is a revolutionary new audio solution for the VATSIM network featuring clear VHF communications and minimal latency as opposed to VATSIM’s current voice codec. AFV also features realistic range-based VHF range, incorporation of blocking tones for pilots who are stepped on, and the ability to use voice on any frequency in the VHF spectrum even when there is no Air Traffic Co
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