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  1. Nice contribution Robert! Just as a heads up, P3Dv4 from what I've seen (and I'm new to the platform), doesn't include some of the models that existed in FSX (ie: 737, A321, etc.) I had AI downloaded and rules set for FSX, but I am still working getting those over to P3D. I know there are numerous ones that will not work. That said, with your model matching rules, I think the OP and other P3Dv4 users mileage may vary. Nick
  2. [Also posted on the Vatsim Facebook page] I don't ask for perfection or even advanced competence in from Vatsim pilots. I am also very willing to take the time to help pilots from behind the scopes. So in the saga of, we'll just call it, "today", I had one pilot ask for an IFR clearance (we'll call it that), then when provided, opted to taxi and depart with no further contact despite multiple attempts. I have had one aicraft just sitting at the ramp for over an hour connected. There isn't a supervisor to be found on the network to address primarily the first issue. If we want to
  3. CTR will generally provide service for the D's, but that is not always a hard and fast rule. Best bet there is just to contact them as you would any local facility. Departing G's and surface E's would be a unicom departure, then pick up your flight following with the CTR when airborne. This is VFR of course. IFR, you will either pick up your IFR clearance on the ground, and get a departure release then contact when airborne, or depart VFR and pick up your IFR when airborne.
  4. [standard caveat: In the USA] The default GPS actually does have airspaces on it (although possibly outdated), but your best reference in the VFR world is a sectional chart. http://www.skyvector.com. What I would implore you to do is to study airspace requirements. They will dictate when you need to be talking to someone. The down and dirty is in Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] A (above FL180), Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B (Big busy airports and surroundings), Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] C (Moderate size/complexity airports and surroundings), and Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D (Smaller/varying complex ai
  5. In the spirit of Vatsim, that is the correct answer, although some will suggest you advise your intentions regardless. Only other thing to ensure (as Vatsim provides a "top down" service) is that there are no overlying controllers (CTR, APP) for that area. Not a bad question; have fun! Nick
  6. I can't imagine the presence of or lack of CPDLC is what is causing attrition or retention of users on the network. This is pretty opinion based and lacks empirical basis. I, like others, can think of several other factors that impact the end user experience on the network. A strategy to study the current pulse of the membership would be a good start to understanding why people are here, and why people leave. I do believe VATSIM does hold a director of marketing in their upper ranks. A survey as to what attracts people to the network, as well as what detracts people from the network
  7. Your best bet then is to either look up the flight number via Flightaware prior to departure and see the arrival gate. Then take that information and look at the airports terminal map to know where that is. Then you know right where to go when you land and taxi off.
  8. To know the gate which you would go to if matching realism, the flightaware suggestion is a good one, and/or look up the airport online for a terminal map to know where that gate is on the field. I disagree with letting approach control on initial contact know what gate you are arriving at. This is not a standard practice at least in the United States. Airliners will know their gate [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment when arriving, but it is because they call in on their company frequency while still a ways out to receive the gate [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment and advise them if they have any
  9. It's not illegal by any means, but there are caveats. You must, and will be instructed to maintain VFR at all times, meaning VFR meteorologic conditions and see and avoid (even if ATC is performing separation services). Nothing is [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed when you are practicing the approaches, and everything must be requested or instructed. AIM 4.3.21 is your reference on this. Here is an old reference, as I couldn't find a new one online at quick search: http://webapp1.dlib.indiana.edu/virtual_disk_library/index.cgi/4300833/FID2415/ATPUBS/aim/p0403021.htm There may have been ot
  10. Same here. There have been some comments regarding it posted in the play store, so hopefully the author will tweak the server settings on the app and send an update out.
  11. Good news. I wonder if it will work with the Cherokee too. If so, that will round out my add-on collection. All the same I entered in "3=PA28_180" and will tinker with it the next chance I get. Nick
  12. I think you completely misread the thread Sean
  13. And I respectfully disagree. I always have, and have not been provided with close to an adequate basis not to. It is not about not having one of my frequencies tied up. It is about not wanting to listen to constant callouts that have no relevance to my operation, and honestly more often than not, are quite inappropriate for the purpose of the frequency to begin with. Again, I tune unicom in the departure and destination areas and utilize several methods to cross check for traffic. In that, I have accomplished the overall intent, and have preserved safety and have not removed from the user
  14. Fortunately, I held on to that one. Here you go. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a40xs7inl3vykc6/a2a%20c172%20transponder.rar?dl=0 Nick
  15. If there is an overlying controller in the area that you are flying and you want flight following, then yes, tune that facility. However, if you are departing a Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D airspace and wanted flight following, good practice would dictate that you would have requested that on initial ground contact. Odds are, there is just no further adjacent ATC online outside of the present controllers airspace. Now, here is where I will draw irk from some. At that time, I say change to whatever frequency you want. If you want to tune AWOS, go to 123.45, go over to the standard VATSI
  16. Another good read on the topic. http://www.flyingmag.com/faa-manual-flying-skills-still-lacking Automation blame is no excuse. Difference here from RL is that nobody gets hurt. Controllers just get frustrated.
  17. I have to kind of agree with Roger on this one. While I'm sure there is some degree of automation that can take care of this, I am more inclined to as "why"? I am of the opinion that you participate in this hobby because it is something you want to do either because you simply enjoy it, want to learn more, or are sharpening skills and staying proficient. While I have a cursory understanding for the P ratings, as it is a learning tool, I don't really see a need for a merit/trophy system for individual accomplishments. I have to agree with Roger, in that if you are looking for ranks, me
  18. I appreciate what you are saying Ernesto, but really it just is what it is. I have not heavily tweaked my fsx.cfg by any means. I still run an LOD RADIUS of 4.5, reduced my AI traffic to pretty much nil sans some boat traffic, dropped down some of the autogen, and really that is all. I don't tweak with Bufferpools, Affinity Masks, etc. I do fly in complex scenery areas, and I do fly with quality aircraft. ORBX is beautiful, but it is the beast. Despite that fact, I cap my textures at 2048mb, and remove a lot of the eye candy from the configurations. Current development is development fo
  19. Obviously 3rd party development for FSX is still at a high level. What I find however to be the progression and the problem, is that developers are now creating products of such high complexity and quality, that the sim platform can no longer keep up. For instance, I am on a clean install of FSX:SE on a second drive. All I have installed is three A2A GA aircraft, ORBX/FTX regions and airports for the west coast, and a handful of other quality airport sceneries for the west coast. Honestly, I cannot fly much longer than an hour or two without exceeding VAS and getting OOM crashes. I have a
  20. As I see is in vERAM, any chance to get .trackatis in vSTARS? Thanks Nick
  21. Open link in your device. Should take you to the Play Store: FSRadar https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://play.google.com/store/apps/details%3Fid%3Dcom.uesva.fsradar%26hl%3Den%26referrer%3Dutm_source%253Dgoogle%2526utm_medium%253Dorganic%2526utm_term%253Dfs%2Bradar%26pcampaignid%3DAPPU_1_9-wJWYLJKInejwPLh7uAAw&ved=0ahUKEwjCoNig-9PTAhUJ72MKHcvDDjAQ5YQBCBwwAA&usg=AFQjCNFSpuTo4qey6k5fihxqDYD2ZEtQmw VatAlert https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://play.google.com/store/apps/details%3Fid%3Deu.kororos.vatalert%26
  22. FSRadar is a map view and details, but no list view. VatAlert when you are flying will notify you if a controller is online or pops up in your vicinity.
  23. Yes, in that case it would. The other option would be to backup and overwrite the existing which would not pose the duplicates issue except in add on scenery areas where waypoimts are added.
  24. I'm struggling to see the complex nature of the add on. Create a folder under addon scenery and call it navupdate. Then under that folder create another folder called scenery. So it looks something like c:\fsx\addon scenery\navupdate\scenery. Place the update .bgl's in that folder. Activate in FSX scenery library. If it doesn't work for you or causes issues, deactivate and delete. Safer than having something else modify your software out of your control.
  25. This is only partially true in the back of of the statement, and even that isn't a guarantee. C'mon Kyle, a pilot can, with zero experience or certification and a Vatsim ID log into the network flying the most complex aircraft in flight sim (PMDG, etc) and go to their hearts content. It doesn't matter if they can effectively communicate, fly basic procedures, let alone complex ones, or even follow basic ATC instructions. What you are saying is that as long as they do not cause a "disruption", that is fine? That is just what we've established, or at least haven't grown beyond. The same ca
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