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  1. To tag on to Trent's post, this can also be emulated on arrivals as well, even when an overlaying controller is on and the airport is a real world uncontrolled field. In this case you will be vectored accordingly, cleared for the approach, and told to change to advisory frequency (the CTAF for the field, however UNICOM 122.80 in VATSIMland). You will also be advised to cancel IFR on the ground via some means, typically via the overlaying controllers frequency. This is just to tag on to Trent's example and it is actually rather rare on VATSIM, although I get a few here and there when I
  2. Additional suggestions... Pick up the ATIS during the frequency change before contacting the next controller. That will allow you to advise then you have the current infornation. Ask to be off frequency momentarily to obtain weather. Perfectly acceptable. They will just have you advise when back on frequency. They may decline if they are handing you off in which case they may ask you to make your request with the next controller or you can default to my first suggestion. As for when to obtain the ATIS, that's subjective to how fast you are going to get into the airport and how
  3. Not a Bravo, but a great example of airliners, GA, and helo's, playing together in a small sandbox on a constant basis is KSNA (John Wayne/Santa Ana). Listen to them here http://www.liveatc.net/search/?icao=ksna. I'm sure there are other examples across the US, but this is a good one that I know of to learn from.
  4. I hope this thread doesn't slowly fade away into the unresolved, because I think there has been some good dialogue in here. I am in the camp, as it sounds others are too, that putting the NEXRAD overlay on the STARS and ERAM products may be a good thing to boost some realism and a different level of interaction. I would rather see a consistent NEXRAD display among controllers rather than it be dependent on how it is going to display from one simmer to the next using product A vs. product B. I appreciate you being somewhat open to this Ross. I don't know how much the suggested testing will
  5. That's certainly fair and reasonable. I think if we can set up some testing forum and committee it would be a worthwhile experiment. I can test FSX default engine against REX. I guess the first step is to gather interest to see if this can even grow legs.
  6. Randy, On SkyVector, Click on Layers, then under Radar and Satellite, Check Weather Radar.
  7. Thank you Ross for your response. I understand and respect your viewpoints as a programmer and maintaining the overall vision of the product. Could it be generally said though, that for the most part a "cell" or a thunderstorm a size requiring some form of routing deviation would generally show up regardless of weather client though? I understand no 2 pilot's clouds are going to show up in the exact same spot and what not, but I would think something sizeable would show up in some form roughly, somewhat, similar between clients. Just like visibility, cloud ceiling, and other general phenom
  8. I would think that, if nothing else, some enterprising plugin developer could probably create an overlay that works with ActiveSky using their radar API... (would also have the benefit that it should be pretty close to what most pilots would experience). I have always wanted to see weather overlays on our scopes. I actually had strong hopes with vSTARS and the new DSR client. I don't know why they didn't make it into the program. I am not a programmer by any means, so I don't know the complexities. I know Ross creates some amazing tools, and if it was a possibility to put them in, he
  9. Here is a good FAA docomeent link. SID explanation begins on page 23, but the whole docomeent is really good in explaining how and why departure procedures exist and how they are created. https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/instrument_procedures_handbook/media/Chapter_1.pdf I suspect initial routing on the PEBLE6 factors in noise abatement and/or separation. SAN inbounds from the north are often planned through MZB. Nick
  10. As a disclaimer; I am not an instrument rated pilot IRL nor am I an air traffic controller IRL. First off, I am glad that you had a positive and constructive discussion with the controller. Hopefully you will get some follow up on your question from the controller or ZLA staff in the near future. You, as the PIC, can certainly not accept any routing which you cannot perform, and that should not be a negative event rather a positive one, so don't dismiss that ability. You know, preferred routes are just that; preferred. They are not required routes. They exist to improve efficiency
  11. So two admittedly superficial statements really make it hard to see a solid basis for an arguement ahead of time so really, I had my opinions established by prejudice. Anyway, really? At 5min out at what 140-150kts, you are what 12-15nm out? Removing your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umptions that there was no reason for the switch, would you have even been prepared for it if there was a reasonable explanation? Did you have charts for the other runway? Did you have a chart even for the runway you were landing on? Did you have the missed approach procedures versed in your head? Do you have
  12. This is a rather superficial question/request and I know that. Keeping that in mind, it's not a huge deal. Is there away to change the blue border that surrounds the top buttons and the text colors within them to something else? I think what I am shooting for is a slightly more realistic display in that manner consistent with ASRC and pending the release of a facility file and education for vSTARS. Just curious. Nick
  13. This is what I wish my scope could look like. Just for fun. It's all screen shot editing, so don't go asking me how I was able to pull this off. Nick
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