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  1. What were we talking about? The funniest things you have ever heard while controlling.
  2. Him-"Good day TWR, DALXXX, on the ground ready to copy ILS to kennedy." Me-"DALXXX, Tower good afternoon, glad you're not in the air, or id lose my job, I hate to break it to you, but you cant request ILS Clearance to Kennedy." **Disconnects**
  3. Post the funniest things you have ever heard while controlling with new pilots below.
  4. I would recommend the ZLA Pilot Certs. It helped me alot, and they have examples that explain alot of things. It can be found at http://pilotcerts.laartcc.org/page/Home.
  5. G'Day Gentlemen, when I load in on VRC and am either controlling or are tuning into a frequency, when someone types something, I dont see it on my VRC. It is only after someone types something else that I see it. When I hear the **PING** I immediently press the "\" key so that it will force VRC to send up the line. Does anyone know how fix that, so that when I am controlling with 50 planes, I wont have to keep pressing "\" over and over again? Thanks Jake
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