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  1. Sapphire ATI HD4870 1gig. With Cat. 9.2. What view are you in when it looks like AA's not working? I believe 2D panels are normal still jagged but any other view should look great. Also what driver version are you using?
  2. I know this is a little old but maybe it will help. I have my settings maxed in ATI's CCC and FS9 is maxed except for the AA (off in FS9, On full in CCC ,8x + Edge Detect = 24x) and AS (filtering set to trilinear, and CCC is set to full ASF 16x). FYI I'm using Catalsyt 9.2
  3. Apparently i should have tried the 7.11 ATI drivers 7.12 and on seem to have some Open GL problems, someone posted the ATI OpenGL Driver from 7.11 wich i put in the VRC Folder and it fixed the problem, TBH i didn't think it would work but it did. For anyone else having any video issues with their ATI card try and put these 2 file in the main VRC directory, atioglxx.7z - 1.46MB atioglx2.7z - 1.81MB
  4. It dose it at all Zoom levels i just zoomed in so you could see it better, Look at the full screen that zoomed out to see the whole airport.
  5. Ok so i"m was getting ready to become a controller again after about a 6 month break and after installing VRC and getting the Sector file (ZTLs http://www.vztlartcc.org/controllers/download_file.php?uid=27) i noticed when i made the window over a certain size or full screen (my monitor is 1680x1050) it would causes some rendering problems which i took screen shots of. I had ATI Cat 8.3 drivers installed went to 8.2 then tried Omega's 7.12 drivers no effect at all. any ideas? As you can see its fine when the window is smaller. This is that window made just a little bit bigger An
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