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  1. @Davide Nerviani There were big changes to the audio codec in the meantime. I suggest you to visit https://audio.vatsim.net/.
  2. Recent network conditions brought up a new issue regarding the performance of ES when a lot of traffic is online. You may also have experienced a severe lag of ES when a larger number of pilots was connected to VATSIM. This issue was analyzed also by controllers of vACC Switzerland (thanks to @Lionel Bischof 1178908 and @Luca Santoro 1306550!), and eventually the root cause was identified.The problem comes from the "FP List" Make sure to display it via "Quick SET" -> "Show Flight Plan List" In the upper heading, toogle off the "N" The lags should disappear The lag is observed independently whether the list is displayed or not. So just hiding the FP list doesn't solve the issue.The relevant setting is part of the general settings, the parameter "m_ShowUnconcernedInFpList" should be set to 0.
  3. Following an issue with the plugin vSMR (https://github.com/pierr3/vSMR/issues/55), I investigated into the plug-ins section of the latest release r24. It looks like the plugin manager of ES is broken and causing different (combinations of) plugins to result in a freeze of ES when trying to close the application. It has been observed that this freeze happens depending on various factors, such as the number of plugins, the plugins used, and their order. However, no common settings have been found to reproduce the same error on machines of different users. The errors are mostly reproducable on a single machine, but the number and the actual plugins used seem to have an influence as well. I did some testing in the plugins section therefore and found various behaviour that is strange. I don't know to what extent this is connected to the freeze issue with plugins we observe. However, I think there are also some corrections required in ES itself. Whether the plugins contain an issue as well can only be checked once a ES version with a stable plugin manager is available. @Gergely Csernak 904331 I observed the following specifically when multiple plugins are loaded: the first entry cannot be moved down, an error message is displayed and the entries are not changed the second entry cannot be moved up, however no error message is displayed when attempting to move the second entry down, it is displayed at the first position and the second position is showing the same as the third entry, another click on "down" reverts this all again (min 3 entries required) when attempting to move the third entry down, it is displayed at the second position and the third position is showing the same as the fourth entry, another click on "down" reverts this all again (min 4 entries required) I have attached a video for demonstration purposes. Thank you for having a look into it!
  4. Felix from the GNG team did some tests and identified the following (undocumented) limitation by EuroScope, which is a maximum of 49 lines for a sector. If there are 50 or more, the remaining ones are disregarded, hence the error displayed. Conclusion: If you get the following error displayed in ES, it might be that the sector mentioned has more than 49 lines for it's definition. Error: Not closed border lines ... You need to reduce the number of lines. Easiest is by dividing the concerned sector in two. Then you will have two sectors to display. However, the limitation is on the lines per sector, which will then be about half.
  5. The crash I observed is only when you close ES after the session.
  6. So you have the vSMR plugin working with r24? Because on my system it looks also as this plugin is not (yet) compatible.
  7. Most likely a plugin you use which is not compatible. Try the default profile and everything works fine.
  8. Yes, it looks like ES is expecting that this border closes between 1753 and 1320, where it actually isn't. I can't understand why. It is a GNG generated file. But I couldn't find any incorrect definition that would explain the error shown by ES to me. So I think it's not the time yet to involve GNG staff. Here are the remaining line definitions: SECTORLINE:1723 ; GLO27307-GLO844-GLO27308 COORD:N045.13.24.000:E003.01.16.000 COORD:N045.42.45.000:E003.00.16.000 COORD:N046.15.19.000:E002.55.39.998 SECTORLINE:1062 ; GLO27308-GLO843 COORD:N046.15.19.000:E002.55.39.998 COORD:N046.20.00.000:E002.55.00.000 SECTORLINE:1313 ; GLO843-GLO937 COORD:N046.20.00.000:E002.55.00.000 COORD:N046.30.00.000:E003.16.00.000
  9. I've noticed that VATSpy cannot deal well with multiple stations defined as UIR covering the same FIRs. For example, we have EDYY and EURM, both defined in the UIR section of the dat file, covering EBBU above FL245. There is however an issue if both EDYY and EURM are online. Both positions will be displayed on the map and the pilots don't know who to call. There is actually a priority making EDYY the station to call in this case. Would it be possible to use the order of UIR definitions to determine which station it is to be displayed? Easiest would be to check line by line top down for a specific FIR and if a station online covering the FIR is found, don't check for further UIR stations. Actually very similar to how sector definitions for ATC clients work. Could this be an option for improvement?
  10. So it is rather an issue of the transponder mode used by the pilots maybe? You can use the option to display any standby squawk like a mode C. Would this help?
  11. I'm getting a "not closed border lines error" when loading the sectors for EURW which I cannot understand why it is generated. I would appreciate some other people familiar with working ESE files could have a look into it. The exact error message is: Error: Not closed border lines LFMM·LFMM FIR·000·195/1753/1320 in line 33591 The borderline referenced to is the following (the line starting with "BORDER"): SECTOR:LFMM·LFMM FIR·000·195:00000:19500 OWNER:FM BORDER:1753:1315:1354:1355:1356:1357:1348:635:634:1361:1308:1513:1757:1758:1759:1760:1761:1762:1449:1450:1451:1371:1378:1452:1280:1281:1763:1288:1287:1286:1285:1435:1434:1764:1553:1549:1667:850:1666:1395:195:194:1397:1724:1383:1382:1381:1324:1320:1723:1062:1313 DEPAPT:LFKB:LFKC:LFKF:LFKJ:LFLB:LFLL:LFLS:LFLU:LFLY:LFMD:LFMN:LFTW:LFLC:LFMA:LFMI:LFML:LFMO:LFMV:LFMP:LFMT:LFMU:LFTW:LFTH ARRAPT:LFKB:LFKC:LFKF:LFKJ:LFLB:LFLL:LFLS:LFLU:LFLY:LFMD:LFMN:LFTW:LFLC:LFMA:LFMI:LFML:LFMO:LFMV:LFMP:LFMT:LFMU:LFTH:LFTW The mentioned points in the error message (1753 and 1320) do not reflect the actual first and last bits of the border definitition. 1753 is the first one, but 1320 is not the last. So it is correct that these two sectorlines do not close the sector. It would be 1313 that closes with 1753, which I verified. So why does ES think that 1320 should close the sector? Is there a limit for the items forming the border definition? Here some extracts from the sectorline definitions to show that I would not expect an error. SECTORLINE:1753 ; GLO20891-GLO937 COORD:N046.30.00.000:E004.24.00.000 COORD:N046.30.00.000:E003.16.00.000 SECTORLINE:1320 ; GLO27306-GLO27307 COORD:N044.53.04.000:E003.01.57.000 COORD:N045.13.24.000:E003.01.16.000 SECTORLINE:1324 ; GLO27306-GLO841 COORD:N044.53.04.000:E003.01.57.000 COORD:N044.37.29.000:E003.02.28.000 SECTORLINE:1313 ; GLO843-GLO937 COORD:N046.20.00.000:E002.55.00.000 COORD:N046.30.00.000:E003.16.00.000 Any ideas appreciated.
  12. I have a small issue that VatSpy on random occasions crashes just after the application windows is shown without any error message or something. I need then to start the application again and it works fine. Unfortunately, this behaviour doesn't happen every time I launch VatSpy for the first time (after the computer is running). I'm running a Win 10 1809 64-bit installation on a desktop computer. I've isolated the relevant message from the Windows error log. Maybe it can help someone to point out what might be the issue and how I can fix it. Protokollname: Application Quelle: Windows Error Reporting Datum: 28.12.2019 22:58:31 Ereignis-ID: 1001 Aufgabenkategorie:Keine Ebene: Informationen Schlüsselwörter:Kl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]isch Benutzer: Nicht zutreffend Computer: [MYMACHINENAME] Beschreibung: Fehlerbucket 1383303659003692835, Typ 5 Ereignisname: CLR20r3 Antwort: Nicht verfügbar CAB-Datei-ID: 0 Problemsignatur: P1: vatspy.exe P2: 1.0.3719.41261 P3: 4b95c6aa P4: System.Windows.Forms P5: P6: 5c33fd86 P7: 1456 P8: 5d P9: System.InvalidOperationException P10: Angefügte Dateien: \\?\C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\Temp\WER8653.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml \\?\C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\Temp\WER8673.tmp.xml \\?\C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\Temp\WER8691.tmp.csv \\?\C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\Temp\WER86B1.tmp.txt Diese Dateien befinden sich möglicherweise hier: \\?\C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive\AppCrash_vatspy.exe_5525e22e9a2f7da99eee364adc4423ee92ae_00000000_41288e51 Analysesymbol: Es wird erneut nach einer Lösung gesucht: 0 Berichts-ID: bf8d569b-b7d4-4dd7-a527-9e974c246354 Berichtstatus: 268435456 Bucket mit Hash: bb6f02e381b3ce6c53327b594b69c723 CAB-Datei-Guid: 0
  13. The Swabian Jura is too low? Why not flying to the Swiss Alps! From sparingly Swabians to the rich Genevan - in less than an hour. Or in the reverse direction from the scenic Lake Geneva to one of the biggest urban centers in Germany. Thats now possible every second Thursday of the month from 19-21z with full ATC. vACC Switzerland and RG Frankfurt are proudly presenting the monthly connection between Stuttgart (EDDS) and Geneva (LSGG). Exciting approaches, changing landscapes en-route and well trained controllers will make this trip a memorable one. So take your airliner or business jet - general aviation or scheduled flight - every pilot is welcome! Routes LSGG - EDDS (even levels) MOLUS UN871 DITON T163 ZUE T125 ARSUT T125 REUTL (FL200-FL320) MOLUS N871 DITON T163 ZUE T125 REUTL (FL140-FL180) EDDS - LSGG (odd levels) ROTWE Y126 TUBLO N850 NATOR UN869 BENOT (FL250+) SUL Y125 NATOR N869 RINLI UN869 BENOT (FL210-FL230) SUL Y125 NATOR N869 BENOT (FL130-FL190) Airport information, Scenery & Charts LSGG - Geneva EDDS - Stuttgart
  14. Welcome to the Zurich Night, the weekly onlineday of Switzerlands major airport! Every Tuesday from 1830z to 2130z, expect full staffing, professional and friendly ATC service and plenty of traffic. Enjoy one of total 4 IFR approaches or get yourself a spot as a small VFR aircraft between the big birds. VFR flights are still performed regularly despite the airport's size. This makes flying VFR to/from Zurich extremely interesting, but it's also a huge challenge which requires careful preparation. A lot of small airfields in the vicinity offer numerous possibilities for short VFR hops. Zurich is a unique airport with a lot of operational restrictions due to noise abatement and its challenging layout. We know it by heart and love this airport with all its rough edges. And we are sure you gonna love it as well! Join our frequencies every Tuesday evening and enjoy! Airport information, Scenery & Charts LSZH - Zurich Routes Find valid routings on routes.vacc.ch. Still looking for a destination? We recommend Berlin Tegel (EDDT) and the Adria Region. Our colleagues there are online between 19z and 22z.
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