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  1. And there is no limitation in using a 5 for the 3rd decimal from the FSD protocol?
  2. So you are saying the flight plan is effectively not amended at all? Then I would suspect an issue with the instance of the flight plan data object you are using, maybe a use or reference outside the block you are querying? I don't know about a general issue in this regard otherwise. What version of ES are you using?
  3. I'm trying to elaborate if a previously existing limitation to use 136.xxx frequencies still exists. So I'm looking for reasonable explanation whether this is a simulator or a pilot client limitation. Does anyone know if radio frequencies with 136.xxx are still an issue when FS2004 is used (as it used to be with FSInn)? Or was this simply a limitation of the pilot client and such frequencies can be used with swift as the pilot client?
  4. For anyone coming across this issue, the limit has been lifted to 200 in the r25 version.
  5. The text-to-speech engine of AFV does interpret the parts on an ATIS incorrectly now and then. As a result, the pauses between the parts are not correctly set. And then there are some pauses where they shouldn't be. Does anyone know how the text created by ES needs to be changed/adjusted in order to make the AFV engine change its speech rhythm and set the pauses where they are supposed to be?
  6. The command can be used by anyone. But only a SUP will get the full details. When connected with a rating without SUP permissions, the information received will be limited.
  7. @Davide Nerviani There were big changes to the audio codec in the meantime. I suggest you to visit https://audio.vatsim.net/.
  8. Recent network conditions brought up a new issue regarding the performance of ES when a lot of traffic is online. You may also have experienced a severe lag of ES when a larger number of pilots was connected to VATSIM. This issue was analyzed also by controllers of vACC Switzerland (thanks to @Lionel Bischof 1178908 and @Luca Santoro 1306550!), and eventually the root cause was identified.The problem comes from the "FP List" Make sure to display it via "Quick SET" -> "Show Flight Plan List" In the upper heading, toogle off the "N" The lags should disappear The lag is
  9. Following an issue with the plugin vSMR (https://github.com/pierr3/vSMR/issues/55), I investigated into the plug-ins section of the latest release r24. It looks like the plugin manager of ES is broken and causing different (combinations of) plugins to result in a freeze of ES when trying to close the application. It has been observed that this freeze happens depending on various factors, such as the number of plugins, the plugins used, and their order. However, no common settings have been found to reproduce the same error on machines of different users. The errors are mostly reproducable on a
  10. Felix from the GNG team did some tests and identified the following (undocumented) limitation by EuroScope, which is a maximum of 49 lines for a sector. If there are 50 or more, the remaining ones are disregarded, hence the error displayed. Conclusion: If you get the following error displayed in ES, it might be that the sector mentioned has more than 49 lines for it's definition. Error: Not closed border lines ... You need to reduce the number of lines. Easiest is by dividing the concerned sector in two. Then you will have two sectors to display. However, the limitation is on
  11. The crash I observed is only when you close ES after the session.
  12. So you have the vSMR plugin working with r24? Because on my system it looks also as this plugin is not (yet) compatible.
  13. Most likely a plugin you use which is not compatible. Try the default profile and everything works fine.
  14. Yes, it looks like ES is expecting that this border closes between 1753 and 1320, where it actually isn't. I can't understand why. It is a GNG generated file. But I couldn't find any incorrect definition that would explain the error shown by ES to me. So I think it's not the time yet to involve GNG staff. Here are the remaining line definitions: SECTORLINE:1723 ; GLO27307-GLO844-GLO27308 COORD:N045.13.24.000:E003.01.16.000 COORD:N045.42.45.000:E003.00.16.000 COORD:N046.15.19.000:E002.55.39.998 SECTORLINE:1062 ; GLO27308-GLO843 COORD:N046.15.19.000:E002.55.39.998 COORD:N046.20.0
  15. I've noticed that VATSpy cannot deal well with multiple stations defined as UIR covering the same FIRs. For example, we have EDYY and EURM, both defined in the UIR section of the dat file, covering EBBU above FL245. There is however an issue if both EDYY and EURM are online. Both positions will be displayed on the map and the pilots don't know who to call. There is actually a priority making EDYY the station to call in this case. Would it be possible to use the order of UIR definitions to determine which station it is to be displayed? Easiest would be to check line by line top down for a s
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