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  1. Hello All, The last time I was on the VATSIM network as an controller was in 2009, but due to life, work, lack of pc and kids being born, I took an enforced break. But now I am settled in my job, have a new computer and my son is now at an age where I can switch on Paw Patrol for a bit of peace, I've got the bug again to control. It appears that according to my stats that the last time I was online, I was a member of VATME, so I am looking to get back into it. My question is, where do I start? Things seem to be a bit different to what it was in 2009 (that single login system
  2. Hi, I am a member of the UK/Europe Division since 2003, at the moment i am in Muscat for 4 weeks, and am wondering if there are any members of VATAME in the Muscat area? Look forward to speaking to you!
  3. A little off topic here, but in similar context - I wonder, if someone could help me translate something here for me. What are the jobs of Air Traffic Managers and Chief's in context to what we have on VATUK? Thanks
  4. [REMOVED] EDIT After careful consideration, i remove my post - i feel i may have posted this a little quick. Apologies
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