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  1. QB (CODE) only toggles the manual highlight and won't remove the code from the list and I can't slew the target whose code I want to recycle since it doesn't exist. I'll have to try the amendment method, but I don't suppose vERAM will take 0000 like VRC does?
  2. Sometimes I'll QB a callsign and type it in wrong, either because a pilot calls ups as "DAL123" when he's logged in as DVA123 or I just mishear it. This puts the squawk in the code window and removes it from the pool of those available to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign. Is there a way to reverse this? I've tried using QX but I get a not tracking error. QB only toggles the highlight feature without removing the code.
  3. Alright, what happened today was that if I put the notice in the Departure/Arrival notices, vATIS inserts the notice between the landing runways and the departing runways.
  4. Whoops, should have been more specific. What seemed to happen is that vATIS would write out the whole runways in use block of text, insert "check density altitude" and then write out the runways in use block again. I was using the runway selection and approaches check boxes built into the vATIS window. Dhruv, thanks for the suggestion. When I listened to the rw Denver D-ATIS, I heard the notice before the NOTAMS section. I suppose it really doesn't make much difference.
  5. I've only gotten to use this program once so far but I'm really really liking it. I know it's not the most common notice to be put in an ATIS, but at least some mountain/high altitude airports put in an advisory to "check density altitude." I tried manually putting this in the Departure/Arrival notice(s) field but it messed up the approaches/runways output. Could you add this as a Dep/Arr flag? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I recently had to get a new laptop with Windows 8.1 (old one with 7 was dying). I downloaded VRC 8.1 and transferred my old .ini file, but when I load everything up, the symbols are all wrong. The triangular fix symbol is now a "Ç", NDB's now show up as an accented "E", squares for VOR's and Airports are now "Å", and to top it all off, the down arrows in the DSR mode seem to be "{". Does anyone know a fix? I already tried the fix mentioned here: viewtopic.php?t=43494, but it doesn't seem to have worked. Thanks! ________ Edit: Of course, all I had to do was hunt a bit m
  7. Kennedy was running information Yankee earlier today. A pilot calls for clearance "with information Derek Jeter."
  8. Please put yourself in the controller's shoes for a moment. Conflict alerts are loud. They hurt your ears and get you ridiculed by the other controllers in the room . Seriously, it's nice you had a good time. Send some feedback about that speed restriction, though. 210kts seems a bit unreasonable. In my approach training, I've been told that 190kts is the max you should give on final (even if it isn't part of the regulations).
  9. This is more a "doh!" moment on my part. A few weeks ago, I had an aircraft without a voice tag who called me on text. I responded by text and, without thinking, set him to /t. Later, he tells me that he does have voice. My response: "/r or /v?" Two seconds later: [facepalm].
  10. I don't know about ZAB, but in ZNY the airport diagrams are part of the geography (look under "view). Maybe you could see if that is checked. Hope this helps.
  11. My setup for Kennedy tower, holding down JFK during the Christmas in Flushing FNO. Upper display (RACD)-color profile courtesy of Kyle Perry. http://imageshack.us/f/560/racd.jpg/ Lower display (ASDEX)-color profile courtesy of ZMP http://imageshack.us/f/51/asdex.jpg/ The ASDEX sector files for the New York airports were pulled from our site because there were errors in them or something, so all I have is the color profile.
  12. I log on to Kennedy tower and there is an aircraft at the end of the departure runway with a bad flight plan who hadn't talked to approach (who was online before me). Approach pings him and then sends him to me. I haggle with him and offer him a simple change that gets him out over one of our exit gates and then direct the first fix on his flight plan. Hi response is, and I quote: sirt this is a real world flightplan and we cant wait any longer because of fuel wise and then promptly disconnects...
  13. Happened to me once in RW. Wasn't at all funny, especially since it happened while I was sitting an instructor rating renewal test… Ouch.
  14. One day, I was controlling ground at New York's Kennedy airport and a new pilot had a bad mic. He PM'ed me asking for my phone number because he saw all those youtube videos with the sound clips in which the controller gives the pilot who screwed up a phone number for when he was at the gate : pilot: " I'm sorry. I have a bad mic. What's your phone number?" Me: "Why?" Pilot: "I figured I should call to explain what went wrong like in all those videos online where the pilot is given a phone number to call." Me: "..." I lol'ed and PM'ed him that he probably didn't want to
  15. Hello, I flew online to Gatwick yesterday and found that I wasn't receiving the ils26L, only the ils8R. I had an afcad from Ray Smith installed but after getting rid of it (and using only the stock fsx airport) I still encountered the problem. Has anyone else run into this problem? Can you point me to a fix? Thank you.
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