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  1. Thank you Andreas I will try with the latest Alpha.
  2. Hi On every flight, swift freezes e.g. the window shows then "not responding" as soon i click somewhere in the swift window. After that swift closes and I have to restart it again... XP11.35. swift 0.9.3 Thank you
  3. Now it works! My mistake was to use Swift 0.9.3 with the standalone client... I found out that the 0.9.3 version is with AFV incorporated.
  4. I tried, no difference. I tried now with swift, same thing.
  5. I can't hear and transmit voice, but only with FFA320 and JAR330, default planes and the Toliss work fine.
  6. Hi Are this two airplanes somehow not yet compatible with XPilot? The default B737 works and the Toliss too. I reinstalled XPilot several times, no Swift or XSqu. intallation, XP11.35. Any clues?
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