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  1. With all the drama lately regarding potential competitors to the VATSIM network, I'd like to take a moment to say that a network is much more than the software platform it runs on, the client software I'm running, and any other technological achievements the developers on the back end create. The folk who provide the service, day in and day out, make up the difference. VATSIM is full of these folk, that make me happy to be a sim pilot, and take the edge off of not being able to fly in the real world (for whatever reason). I fly mostly in the northeast, mostly within BVARTCC's airspace,
  2. I'm all for voice CTAF. Not too fussy about how it's implemented, either, as long as it's compatible with XSquawkbox ('til Swift is up and running, at least). The way I see it: I fly a lot of VFR flights by hand into uncontrolled airports (FSEconomy pilot, can you tell?). Holding a yoke makes it rather difficult to type, so unless I see other traffic nearby, I'm rarely making the calls that I would be making via voice. Might not encourage more folks to fly into those uncontrolled airports, but I certainly don't see it hurting... and the more traffic we have, the more entertaining the flights a
  3. I'll be the first to confess that I have not, even after having participated in a thread over at FSEconomy's forums on it. I really ought to...
  4. There's one thing I really haven't read yet, though Jim Hurts touched upon it: What is the motive behind any given pilot flying on VATSIM? Using Jim's categories of pilots, all but the troll have motive to learn how to fly on the network. It boggles my mind that any non-troll pilot would spend the time getting VATSIM access set up (the account, the software installed, the hardware required), then jump on the network with the desire to do whatever they please. That's the whole point of VATSIM, isn't it, as far as we pilots are concerned? Have a human presence behind the ATC, to make the experie
  5. No worries. I've heard it said that we Linux folk can be vocal minorities and a right pain in the tooshie, so we better make up for it somewhere. 'Course, having the tools at your disposal helps, too. No guarantees need, either. Life (family and job) comes first. Color me grateful that someone's still working on XSB.
  6. I tried something even simpler... Just hopped online and talked to ASE_APP (Marcus Miller), explained the situation, and he sent over a long private message, over 256 characters... and XSquawkbox crashed, taking X-Plane down with it. It's possible the actual limit is lower; I picked 256 characters for its obvious significance. Go back a few years and I bet the statement "No one's going to need more than 256 characters" might have been mentioned. In all my years of flying on VATSIM, this would have been the first time I've had a PDC sent to me; I could avoid the issue by simply requesti
  7. Got a feeling you're right. The Facilities Engineer got back to me, with the template for the PDC: $aircraft - CLEARANCE START - | CALL SIGN: $aircraft | TRANSPONDER CODE: $squawk | ALTITUDE: $cruise | DEPT: $dep | ARR: $arr | EQUIPMENT: $type($aircraft) | APPROVED ROUTE: $route | ALTITUDE RESTRICTIONS: CLIMB VIA SID. -ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: DEPARTURE FREQUENCY $freq($1) | THIS MESSAGE SERVES AS YOUR DEPARTURE CLEARANCE. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. CONTACT $uc($radioname()) ON $com1 WITH LOCATION ON THE AIRPORT, [Mod - Happy Thoughts]IGNED SID, AND CURRENT ATIS WHEN READY TO PU
  8. Thanks, Camden! I'm rarely flying anything bigger than a Twin Otter; this was the first time I'd been sent a PDC. Like the concept, though. It does make me wonder how many pilots are using XP10 with XSquawkbox on Linux, and if that's a contributing factor.
  9. Short story: Every time Boston Center p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es a clearance to me via PDC/text, XSquawkbox crashes. 64 bit Linux (Gentoo), 10.51r2. I've submitted feedback to BVARTCC thanking the controller for his patience, and asking that he send over the text of the PDC if possible for debugging purposes. I've got a gut feeling that something in that PDC is causing an issue. The long story: X-Plane log: http://pastebin.com/raw/UPzN7HQJ GDB Running Output: http://pastebin.com/raw/ZAxPiBs1 GDB Backtrace (set pagination off & thread apply all backtrace): http://pastebin.com/ra
  10. Was flying into KOXB via the RNAV approach for RWY 02 tonight. Potomoc Approach cut me loose to CTAF about 12 miles out from CIRAN. As soon as I switched the frequency, XSB crashed and took X-Plane 10 down with it. I had a CTD while taxiing on the departure in my first attempt to make the flight, so I conveniently had GDB running. The backtrace: *snip* Sending inhibit command to xorg screenSaver. ALSA lib /var/tmp/portage/media-libs/alsa-lib-1.0.29/work/alsa-lib-1.0.29/src/pcm/pcm.c:7905:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred ALSA lib /var/tmp/portage/media-libs/alsa-lib-1.0.29/work/alsa-l
  11. Ah! I had missed the "70/+11" text just north of the Big Allis on the SFRA map. That explains it. Thanks! Nice pics, Dan. That's got to be an experience
  12. I was looking over the NY SFRA Hudson & East River exclusions, since I'm planning on making regular VFR trips from the Schenectady area down to 6N7. I noticed the following statement in the rules: So... if I'm taking my VFR Piper Super Cub on floats into the SFRA, I know I'm good flying down the Hudson river exclusion, then back up the east side until I hit the tip of Governor's Island. If I understand the rules correctly, were I to be flying the East river route, I'd want to contact ATC at LaGuardia (tower?) prior to Governor's Island. But if I'm arriving at 6N7, I'm excluded... so
  13. Hopefully they'll be some sooner rather than later. My "plays nicely with others" skills are getting rusty, flying by myself in 64 bit XP10. The scenery's gorgeous, though, and the system is stable.
  14. The short of it: It's not released yet, so you're out of luck. The long of it: http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xsb/ http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=65440 http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=70643 Also note that the Open Source client (if you come across mention of it in the forums) is not the 64 bit XSB plugin.
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