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  1. That could work, though it would be good to know the cost involved first...
  2. Hi guys, Say I wanted to purchase the voices for personal use, what would be the cost factor involved and procedure? Where to get them cause I'm really missing all the options that were previously available... Thanks! David
  3. Tasios, Very nice website. Congrats. Upper area control services above FL 245 So this means it covers the 12 airports as well or is it limited to the Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] A airspace FL 245 and above?
  4. Dear all, Update alert... we're soon to impliment: ASEA-N_FSS > 135.350 ASEA-S_FSS > 135.970 Basically what this chage does: Enables persons to see the split sector adequately Is there is no more full area coverage now from ASEA-N_FSS. This sector is responsible only for RPHI, VDPP, VLVT,VVGL, VVTS, VTBB, VYYF The ASEA-S_FSS sector is responsible for all the W FIRs: WAAF, WBFC, WIIF, WMFC, WSJC The Top Down Cover shall continue at the same airports. No chage will occur I know it's rather short notice BUT is it my strong opinion and a few others t
  5. Timmy, You're more than welcome...hope you put the information to good use and that my novel was a tad bit helpful if not too confusing! I hope when we get the website up it'll be more clearer. As for HKG I too "hope Hong Kong vACC - Asia's hotspot but without much ATC - will decide to join this great project soon" some time in the near, not too distant future. I'll make certain that all are informed if HKG joins us! Romano, Thanks.
  6. Hi Rahul, The BoG and EC have approved the station and service. Now a few more technicalities need to be sorted like a website explaining on the functionality of this FSS...etc. Thanks for those kind words...indeed see you in the area! Hello Romano, Update alert Like I commented to Rahul: it's been a success! A few things to brush up and we're on our way to resemble EuroControl. Well...almost Patrik! Welcome to the discussion, By all means, do contact me to 'clock' some hours and I'll be sending you a few docomeents that you'll need to cover this
  7. Hi all, I thought I'd post some. Perhaps already posted but here you go: ..."switching to silence 122.80." ..."monitor dead frequency 122.80." ..."request to date the cockpit?" (turns out wanted to leave the flight deck for 20 minutes...) Perhaps one which I nearly fell out of my chair was: ... "RWY 25L divorced, request taxi to gate"
  8. Hi Deepan, No no - no inconvenience at all...I know all about spamming in forums since our own vACC is being bashed at daily. Currently working on alternatives to remove these bots. Nice to know that the VATASIA will get a face lift...wish I had some web-skills myself but unfortunately I'm Mickey Mouse in that domain!
  9. Hi Timmy, That is affirmative. Unable to open the HKG vACC site along with the VATSEA. It could be that they're doing updates on the website (let's not get hopes high) but it's a possibility. Another issue that could be possible is that "CPU throttling" may be cause in effect - although I doubt this. Strange that they're down. Tried to open VATASIA too and got:
  10. G'day There is a new FSS in South East Asia! Please add this to the .dat file under for both of maps under [uIR] ServInfo ASEA/South East Asia Control/VYYF+VTBB+VVTS+VVGL+VDPP+VLVT+WAAF+WIIF+WABZ+WADZ+WSJC+WMFC+WBFC+RPHI VATSPY ASEA|South East Asia Control|VYYF,VTBB,VVTS,VVGL,VDPP,VLVT,WAAF,WIIF,WSJC,WMFC,WBFC,RPHI
  11. Update on the website http://www.vatprc.org/main/ Very nicely done Brendan and Keller What a facelift... maybe you might see me more in that region from now on
  12. Rick Thank you for your post. It was by no means easy but we got to where we are with sheer perseverance and motivation! All of this would have been impossible without Deepan mainly along with Peter and Miguel plus some SE Asia Directors too...We'll achieve the ultimate goal and like Deepan say, there still are some clear cut technicalities to be sorted before it's approved for the long run. Deepan I echo your words... we will get there Graham Us too! We hope that is does get full approval...time will tell. Timmy First off nice to meet you - I appreciate you post. Th
  13. Me again, It looks like I have omitted an all important word being "trial" "We have received the OK from the authorities to commence trial operations ... " Thanks Deepan for setting the record straight. /David
  14. Hi all, We have received the OK from the authorities to commence operations beginning 4th December this year so I'm sure all are looking forward to this service! Thanks to all the participants in this thread in making this a reality! Regards, David
  15. Hi all, Four months later and here is the situation ... (to those that have followed this thread) Well the plan has been sent and we await the call form the BoG and EC -- Update -- If you desire to view the new facility on your maps then Servinfo users. To see the new FSS please add this to the .dat file under [uIR] ASEA/South East Asia Control/VYYF+VTBB+VVTS+VVGL+VDPP+VLVT+WAAF+WIIF+WABZ+WADZ+WSJC+WMFC+WBFC+RPHI For VATSPY Vatspy users like myself you'll need to open your start menu and type in" %appdata%\VAT-Spy ". Open the file and locate the .dat file. Open it
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