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  1. I don't have any logs for it, but I experience the same and it's extremely annoying. Especially because I do not get any warnings. Aircrafts report that they can hear me, but I cannot hear anyone. Then, I click disconnect on the AFV client and I get the unhandled exception and then have to restart it and so on. While controlling a busy sector it becomes a nightmare.
  2. First leg of a two part event. Fly from LAX to Mexico City with full ATC coverage. Departures will start from 2359z.
  3. The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally here among us. Enjoy your first ride in the SoCal area with ATC coverage at LAX and San Diego plus satellites so that you can also explore the surroundings on VFR flights. ATC coverage will be from 2359 to 0400z (1700-2100p).
  4. Come explore all the TEC Routes that SoCal has to offer. We're staffing SoCal airspace in order to offer you an immersive experience into one of the busiest US TRACONs. Take out your aircraft from the hangar and enjoy the service. Staffing will be from 15p to 19p (2200-0200z). For a detailed list of routes you can visit laartcc.org/tecroutes
  5. Unfortunately there was an error in the conversion from pacific to Zulu. I also got a new banner. The event runs from 2100 to 0100z
  6. Join us at ZLA for a sunday afternoon in the beautiful Empire Area. Featuring KPSP, KONT, KCNO and satellites. Coverage will be from 2100z to 0100z (14:00-18:00p)
  7. I'm encountering this too at LAX and I don't have any weird characters in the text
  8. To celebrate the launch of Audio For Vatsim, ZLA will staff the San Diego sector of SoCal and Santa Barbara TRACON. The two areas offer lots of flights for both GA and commercial airplanes, with many uncontrolled airports to explore the capabilities of the new voice unicom. Join us on Saturday October 19th from 4pm to 8pm PST (2300z-0300z) for a fun night to enjoy the new audio system. Make sure you're up to speed with the clients updates and the use of AFV. You can find useful information and a manual at www.audio.vatsim.net
  9. On Friday, September 20th at 2359z, join ZLA for a battle between the two largest Freight carriers in the US. The battle will take place in our two featured airports, Ontario Int'l (KONT) and San Diego Int'l (KSAN). Get ready to bring tons of cargo to Southern California. Take your favorite aircraft and carrier and come enjoy 4 hours of full ATC service. Pilot Briefing
  10. Yes, I was referring to that. Thanks
  11. Will the "unhandled exception" issue when switching comms be investigated?
  12. Thanks it was really this the problem. I didn't manage to solve it by changing the regional setting, but if I put a comma in the frequency instead of a dot, it works.
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