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  1. Thanks for the kind words every one. It was great to work with you all. Hope i will be in touch with you all in future though i wont be holding any positions. I am sure still VATWA is in good hands and we will grow more. @Shrikar, ഒരു നല്ല കൂട്ടുകാരൻ ആയി തുടരുന്നതിൽ എന്നും നന്ദിയുണ്ട് . ഒരു പക്ഷെ ഒട്ടേറെ കാര്യങ്ങൾ താങ്കളിൽ നിന്നും പഠിക്കാനായിട്ടുണ്ട്. ഈ മികച്ച ബന്ധം ഇനിയും ഒരുപാടു കാലം നമ്മൾ തുടരുമെന്ന് പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കുന്നു. താങ്കളുടെ സ്വപ്‌നങ്ങൾ പിന്തുടരുക, ഒരു നാൾ വാതിലുകൾ തുറക്കപ്പെടും. Regards Jesil Rahman
  2. Agree with Anastasios and Andreas, As a pilot i don't think its necessary to know the vertical limits of the ATC facility. (unless flying VFR in terminal areas) If a controller is helping the Pilot, as long as it doesn't effect the safety of the flight, Pilots can take it. If any doubt, ask. Also i believe TRACON is only used in USA. Rest of the world don't have a concept like that. If he means APP/DEP facility, many of airports has the Ceiling up to FL245. ( Correct me if i am wrong). Regards Jesil Vatsim West Asia
  3. Dear Colleagues, With Pleasure, we are announcing the appointment of Mr. Kieran Cross as Web Director of Vatsim West Asia division. He will be dealing with Websites, Development , Maintenance and integration of HQ system etc. We are sure his experience will help VATWA to develop more. Hearty welcome Kieran. Regards Jesil Rahman VATWA1
  4. Dear Colleagues, With Immense pleasure, we are happy to announce the appointment of new Training Director for Vatsim West Asia Division. Mr. Janam Mayur Parikh has been selected as the VATWA3 ( Training Director of West Asia). Mr. Janam has been serving the Vatsim Community for more than 7 years, and always been an active member and helpful for the development of our community. With the great experience , we is indeed eligible to take up the Training Director position of West Asia Division. I am sure, he can contribute more for our division. Wish you all the best .! Regards Jes
  5. Hi Brodie, The vacancy for India vACC director post has been temporarily suspended due to lack of qualifying applicants. Its not yet out of VATWA objective, but we just gave some more time for the for everyone to get some more experience in our region. I thought you were notified by email, if not i do apologize for it. However the post of VATWA3 is open. We will take a decision by next week. If you applied for the same we will notify the result by email. Regards Jesil Rahman
  6. VATSIM West Asia is seeking applications for the position of ATC Training Director Requirements: • Hold a minimum of a C1 rating • Have experience as a mentor/examiner In addition: • Availability of 5 hours per week • Maintain a strong online presence • Be a member in good standing • A diplomatic, level-headed personality • The ability to deal with a vast range of people and issues that arise from time to time • Issues Upgrades to members of the VATWA Division recommended by the vACC’s, in Coordination with VATWA • Provides support to any enquiries by members of VATWA t
  7. Dear Colleagues, I would like to use this opportunity to announce important decision regarding our Vatsim West Asia Division. Due to staff shortage, Vatsim West Asia Divisional team decided to close the India vACC until further notice. Nothing to worry, this is just a short term action only, since we are on the process of building a new team for more progress. I hereby thanks the whole India vACC Team for their awesome work in the past. It was amazing to work with Mr. Amit and the whole team. With your hard work, it was a great progress we had in our region. Also I hope you guys will s
  8. Dear All Vatsim West Asia opening applications for Web [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istants (WAs) - members that [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist with the tasks of the Web Services Department. We aim to form a team of skilled members that we can work with and delegate to, in order to improve the development cycle of our systems. We are currently looking for individuals with a range of skills who wish to involve themselves with our web services team in any of our support positions. Applications are now open to both members experienced in developing the code of web systems, but also to those with
  9. Hi Every one. With immense pleasure, i am glad to announce the Promotion of Mr. Sachin Gnath to the Training Director of Vatsim West Asia Division (VATWA3). Currently, Sachin serves as the Deputy Training Director and he has showed good skills in developing and standardizing the training system in the division. I am sure, he will do a good job in the new position. All the best Sachin.!!! Regards Jesil Rahman Director Vatsim West Asia
  10. Dear Anas, Thanks for all your support. You guys were really helpful to the division. I hope it will be continued. Its a great task in front of us. I hope with all your support we can do good job. Congrates Omais Khan ! Regards Jesil Rahman
  11. I turned off both system and anti virus firewall but no change...and there isnt any option to add programs to its list..
  12. now am learning abt port forwarding on net think i can do it soon. i have two anti virus ESET smart security and AVIRA both are turned off.. UAC is off,FIRE WALL is off... mee too think some thing is blocking my computer.. well,we will find it out..
  13. UAC is turned off...but stil having problem...
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