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  1. If you are using Windows, check to see that you are not monitoring the mike in your Windows sound settings.
  2. Minor 1.3.19 bug - in VR the backspace button doesn’t work on the virtual keyboard. It didn’t in at least one previous version as well, I need to use the keyboard to delete a character.
  3. I get mixed ability with 1.3.17 - sometimes it crashes Xplane (11.50b13) as soon as it tries to connect, sometimes it doesn't. 1.3.15 is reliable, I haven't had it crash with it at all. Here are the log and crash report files from my latest attempt with 1.3.17 if that helps. Crash report - https://drive.google.com/file/d/16-nNWKQZYy0YhrhSk_7LauMc5pKlbJqo/view?usp=sharing Log - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JNKm-gVWDcWTtdgIBSnpDV04bt2aaIvk/view?usp=sharing
  4. Firstly, thank you very much for looking after us VR flyers! A minor point - I haven't been able to find out how to change the case of letters in the VR keyboard and the dot messages are case sensitive. So typing ".CLEAR" is broadcast, but ".clear" (via lifting my HMD and using the keyboard) works to clear the Messages window. Can the case sensitivity on the dot commands be removed? Cheers.
  5. If you add a datref that exposes the system messages that show in red (i.e. Connected, Disconnected, etc) that would be a bonus but I think we can live without them.
  6. The dataref xsquawkbox/input/string used to display the last message a user sent. That doesn't seem to happen anymore - could that please be reinstated if possible? If it is done, could you please advise the mechanism to send that line of text? Does it need a special character or command? This change will allow me to write a FWL script to send messages in VR without having to remove the headset. Cheers, Craig.
  7. I’m back to using v1.3.3 and AFV while waiting for a new beta. Also a PITA but better than the alternative. The latest version of xPilot causes terrible stutters on my system.
  8. Can you please confirm that the ptt dataref is working in the current version? I don’t see any change when I look at it with Datareftool.
  9. I’ve noticed two datarefs: xpilot/ptt and xpilot/version. I can’t work out what ptt does although it would be great if it indicated when the ptt was activated because I could put that in a VR window. Is that what it’s supposed to do? Version indicates a value of ‘’ which may be out of date unless it relates to the plugin. I am using xpilot v1.1.5.0. Cheers, Craig.
  10. Hi Justin. While xPilot has just the right amount of complexity for us VR users (i.e. it doesn't badly affect FPS which are so critical in VR) you lose situational awareness without the abilty to see text messages, or if you don't notice the notification sound at the time. If you could please expose the messages via datarefs as is done in XSquawkbox (see manual reference below) then we can create the VR windows required to see the text messages. 2.2.45 do_on_new_XSB_text( "Lua code string" ) a) Lua code string = A string containing Lua code you want to be calculated every time when the
  11. For any else with this problem... I could not get v2.0b2 to show in my plugins list. My log.txt had the old "X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/XSquawkBox/64/win.xpl : Error Code = 126 : The specified module could not be found." error message. I downloaded the lastest C++ redistributable from https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads, ran it, and xSquawkbox is now working. Cheers, Craig
  12. xPilot looks very good but the window isn’t visible in Virtual Reality, nor have I found a way to import it using MoveVR. Has anybody found a way to see it in VR, or is that capability on the xPilot roadmap? Cheers, Craig.
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