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  1. Hi There, When I launched xPilot version 1.3.32 against X Plane 11 as soon as I clicked connect on the GUI it caused X Plane 11 to freeze up for about 5 to 10 seconds and then XP 11 crashed completely. The google drive link below contains the log.txt file from the root XP 11 folder and also a .dmp file from (output/crash_reports) : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qxUZ00jXKYDg7uo2hF688kfugWCEHrPi Having a read of some of the other forum posts I don't have 'Littlenavmap' installed in my plugins folder. The situation led me to think it was the amount of aircraft w
  2. The package where the X-CSL models reside on the website seems to be down the last few days, is there anywhere else would you know it's accessible from ? Edit : website back up again. (https://csl.x-air.ru/downloads?lang_id=43)
  3. Hi There, I'm using X Plane 11.50 beta 11 with X Pilot and have encountered a bit of a strange issue with the landing gear of all the Bluebell CSL aircraft (have installed the IVAO vertical offset fix files) with the folders and have no other AI plugin installed such as Swift or XSB. They all seem to be at an angle on the airplanes (the gear still present). I've attached 3 screenshots of the AI example, my folders installation where (I think I've correctly) installed the CSL aircraft and the vertical offset file to each aircraft folder. Is this just normal that the gear is slant
  4. Hi Andreas, Thank you for your help, that works perfectly. Kind Regards, Ben
  5. Hi There, I started using the swift client just recently, which I'm so impressed with and very happy the AI aircraft are "clamped" to the ground which really tidies up the sim environment. Could I ask if it's possible or not at this early stage to be able to control the AI aircraft labelling ? Thanks for your help, Ben
  6. Is it ok if I re-ask (the lowest field level controller) you mean the nearest controller to you or at the top of the ATC List ? & Also does every Vatsim pilot follow all the chart procedures such as noise abatement & climb gradient percentages or is it ok to follow the basic things like Speed & Altitude restrictions ? Say you are cruising at FL140 and request directions into London Heathrow Approach but the only ATC on is EGLC APP Would you contact them as such ?
  7. Just one more question I started out at EGNM With a Cessna 172 my callsign "CESSNA" Do I read it out in alphanumeric lettering "Charlie Echo.." or just the word ? There wasn't any Leeds Controllers around so do I just contact Manchester, do I Squawk COM1 ?, and if I want to make contact with ATC do I just speak through my microphone, or do I need to press something ? Thanks,
  8. Cheers Darrol for the information, Can I also view Airspace frequencies on Squawkbox ? How do I do the 'Contact Me' function is that in squawkbox too ? Thanks, Ben
  9. Hi Vatsim Europe, Can I ask a couple of queries before flying online with you, 1. When filing a CRZ Altitude on the Vatsim Flight planner do you count the altitude above sea level or do you count it at '0' feet ? 2. When flying into an airspace how do you know if a staff team member is monitoring the one you want to fly into ? / also can you find the name of the airspace & the frequency needed to tune into it ? (is this all included through squawkbox/fsInn ) Thanks very much, Ben
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