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  1. I have been trying to set up a bunch of files that involve essentially a lot of operations happening, so I'm trying to automate my RNAV arrivals as much as possible. I know that software such as the Aircraft Situation Editor only provide initial waypoint descents, but is it possible to manually add in additional crossing restrictions beyond the first one? Here's what I have for one aircraft I made using ASE: Let's say that I modified the last line to something like: or Would either of these result in the aircraft automatically crossing MULRR at 10,000 AND SIGBE at 7,000?
  2. Me (controlling IAD/DCA Approach the other day): ASQ5781, the field is at your 2 O'Clock moving to 1 O'Clock, 9 miles, report in sight. ASQ5781: We're looking, but how can the airport be moving? Me: No, it's you that's moving, but your position relative to the field is moving. That's how the sun* works. I also pulled a nice little practical joke on a pilot to see if he would catch on: Me (covering IAD/DCA Approach, and providing top-down for both, same day, about an hour or two later) on frequency 119.85: AWE1430, cleared for the river visual runway 19 approach, contact tower 11
  3. So I have this guy on a 10-mile final for runway 19 at DCA, and I'm about to have him call the river, and then I receive this gem on the text: [05:28:47] [uSA845]: i'll brb-signing off for 10 mins After about a 30-second stunned pause, "USA845 just to confirm, you do realize you're landing in about two minutes, right?" [uSA845]: "Oh. Okay."
  4. Over the past two or so weeks, I've been doing some short flights in my c172, starting in New York and headed west. The goal is to eventually get all the way to Los Angeles, going one leg at a time all the way. So far the first three legs have taken me to Pittsburgh, and I ended my last flight with my first refueling stop at Titusville airport (airport code is 6G1). I'm planning on my next leg this evening, engine-on time 2300Z. I'm planning on going VFR out to Toledo, Ohio by way of Cleveland and then Lake Erie. If anyone wants to join, just pop in at titusville in a c172 (or similar
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