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  1. Because the vast majority of people have to attend either work or school during the day. The vast majority doesn't however include everyone. As of writing this it's still before noon in (most of) North America and there are currently two enroute positions as well as a handful of towers open, so saying there isn't any ATC online during the day is not entirely accurate.
  2. K is used in ICAO flight plans as a prefix for speeds in kph - "4043N11637E/K0860S1190" - and would thus be a bad idea to use for knots.
  3. Tom, VACCSCA wants you to control and we're glad that you're back. I am not sure why you would claim the opposite as both Håvard and I have made it clear to you that you have a place in the queue for a re-validation session. Whilst some (sub-)divisions don't have inactivity policies, in VATSIM Scandinavia we have the 10h/6 months rule as you've highlighted in your initial post. Controllers who fail to meet the required hours are subject to an OTS session with an instructor or examiner upon their return. These are the rules, we expect our controllers to respect them and most of them do. The
  4. .sline -> Enter -> Left click all the points -> Right click to save in clipboard
  5. Airport altitude was set to 236ft, the problem was however solved by removing the REQALT line.
  6. I've been working on updating some old 3.1 scenarios I found on my drive. Everything's been relatively smooth so far with the exception of one thing, all aircraft on the ground spawn with a ground speed of around 200kts. They'll continue pretty much in a straight line and eventually come to a stop, but it makes the scenario completely unusable. Here's an example aircraft from one of the files, it's an APP scenario so the aircraft spawn on the runway ready to be departed by the mentor: @N:SCW142:6001:1:55.523309:13.378834:0:0:0:0 $FPSCW142:*A:I:RJ85:434:ESMS:0:0:29000:ESSB:1:05:2:35:ESSA
  7. The NATCON app is intended to be used with the NATCON plugin for Euroscope, which replicates the Norwegian ATC system used in real. I'm sure it's possible to use the NATCON plugin in any ES profile and then connect the app to it, the question is how well it would be integrated with the local sector file and if there would be any loss in functionality. I haven't used the NATCON plugin myself so I can't answer that, I'd imagine you'd want to stick to what your local facility uses though.
  8. Don't file an obsolete ICAO code in your flight plan just because VATSpy will then show it "correctly", always use the correct one.
  9. Follow the guide on the website: http://www.vatsim-uk.co.uk/tsreg/
  10. More vStrips action, graveyard shift on Newcastle Radar.
  11. If you've got the same package I have there should be a folder called "Information" in which installation instructions in English are provided. IIRC you have to install a few generic bits as well for custom objects to show correctly, and not just the ESMS folder. No worries at all, glad to help out where I can.
  12. Glad you worked it out. If Luleå isn't north enough for you there's Kiruna (ESNQ), scenery also available from RB Design. Malmö was included in the SWED2011 package made by a guy called Lennart. I believe the website was shut down and the files moved as he started a new scenery project (Sweden Design) but I'm sure you'll find it if you google a bit.
  13. I'm not sure where you're going with this. Take the 3 folders named Addon Scenery, Scenery and Texture and paste these 3 folders into your FSX main folder. Then add the scenery as normal via Addon Scenery -> ESPA
  14. Shalom Aharon, Installing the Luleå scenery is no different from installing any other scenery that doesn't come with an installer. In the .zip file you will find 3 folders: Addon Scenery, Scenery, and Texture. Simply drag these into the main folder of FSX and merge any folders when probed. You will then need to activate the scenery in your FSX scenery library, go to the FSX menu and locate the scenery library, click "Add Area" and navigate to your FSX Folder -> Addon Scenery -> ESPA. Select this folder and click OK. This is again not a procedure specific to Swedish airports so i
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