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  1. Try this: [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign the PTT to a keyboard button. Then using FSUIPC [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign the keyboard button to the same button on both joysticks. Danny
  2. Great.......oh well. Thanks anyway. Danny
  3. I have looked around and don't find much concerning conversion of flyable to AI. However, I did try a little experiment. I copied a couple of my helicopters into the simobjects/airplane folder. Then I ran the sim and vpilot. Vpilot recognized the helicopters, listed them in the modelscanresult-prepar3dV4 file, and, indicated in the IsExcluded= as False. Vpilot also allowed me to designate one of the helicopter models as the default model. Does this mean that Vpilot will now use the helicopters in model matching? I am certain it couldn't be that simple. Could it???? Danny
  4. Hmmm. I was not aware there was a way to convert flyable to AI. Do you have any more information about how to do that? Danny
  5. I understand that vpilot can display ai helos. The issue is that there are few if any ai helos available. And certainly not many model variations. So, for those of us who fly helos almost exclusively this is a source of frustration. Danny
  6. Beats me. However, that would seem to be minor if one can get vpilot to recognize and display helicopters. Danny
  7. Yes. Peter, the gentleman who is the developer for JoinFS is very helpful. JoinFS has been able to display/match helicopters for some time. Hopefully, you can sort it out. Thanks for your interest. Danny
  8. I am using the current version of Vpilot. When I run the scan models routine and then check the ModelScanResult for Prepar3dV4 I see no reference to helicopter models. Vpilot does scan and log all of my aircraft and boats, both installed in the P3D directory and in my addons directory located outside of the P3D directory. What am I missing? Ok. After some additional research I have found that vpilot will not use flyable helos to match other participant's helicopters. And, that one would have to find true AI helicopters models to allow multiplayer helicopter matching in Vpilot.
  9. Are you still working on an interface with P3D? Danny
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