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  1. I am using the my initials like the people at NY ARTCC told me to
  2. I did everything and it still wouldn't let me do anything
  3. Hello, I am struggling on VRC. I am certified in DEL/GND but for some reason whenever i try to connect on VRC it tells me I can't do anything because I am not an active controller. I need some help with this. I am certified DEL/GND at KLGA with NY ARTCC.
  4. Hello, in the past couple of days i have been trying to connect in VRC. Well it turned out to be a big failure. There are sometimes where it says Loaded 9 servers and there are sometimes where it says No servers loaded. And when I try to connect, i enter in my CID and PWD and it tells me "wrong CID/PWD," when i entered in the correct CID and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word. I tried diasbling firewall and anti-virus but that didnt work. I am using a PC running Windows XP on a Wireless network.
  5. I am having the same problem on my PC. I am using Windows XP
  6. I need a lot of training as I am still new to vatsim. Would anybody be willing to help me out?
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