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  1. I also believe there should you be some sort of mandatory testing for new pilots. An idea could be: - Limit new pilots to certain ‘newbie friendly’ geographic areas/routes which have low volumes of traffic and ATC with the time to help/educate. - Create an online training academy in video format (attention spans are dwindling..), to cover the most important basics and supplement the PRC. - Mandate a simple multiple-choice written exam, a heavily simplified virtual-PPL theory (What is a transponder? What is a VHF radio? What frequency is UNICOM/CTAF on?) Just thinking aloud.. bu
  2. Here's Euroscope interfaced with my local ADS-B traffic thanks to SBStoFSDproxy, picking up approx 120 aircraft
  3. Having some fun on a late night over the Atlantic a few years ago: Me: Shanwick radio Speedbird 175 with position report Shanwick: Speedbird 175 go-ahead Me: Speedbird 175 p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed.. time... estimating... time, ... is next, fish for dinner, go ahead Shanwick: roger shanwick copies position.. at... estimating... at, ... next and *chuckle* I hope your First Officer didn't have fish too! Me: readback correct, and nope he's a vegetarian, we should have no problem reaching Kennedy! (Reference is to the film "Airplane", for those who haven't seen it )
  4. Here's a real FPL for the route: VEBEX M992 GUBKO UM992 VAMBO UL984 DONAD UT170 RAPET T170 GAPLA T173 GED B738 at FL290 RJ85 FPL: DCT VEBEX M992 ANAKO/N0400F320 UM992 VAMBO UL984 DONAD UT170 RAPET T170 GAPLA T173 GED GED2W FL240 ALTN EDDS Results NO ERRORS
  5. Perhaps you should re-read Normans post? Good luck in any case
  6. I would suggest investing in a UPS, removes the problem of those short power cuts (very common in Italy if I may add )
  7. Todor that plugin is very impressive, keep up the good work.
  8. If it helps, here is the chart showing the SID Wycliffe is talking about.
  9. Is that route supposed to be via the North pole? On Fsbuild it shows going east over the Pacific then across the United states from West to East.
  10. I won't be able to join you for your first leg unfortunatly but do shout when you do the second one (always wanted to do a FSX over the pole flight), I'll try to join you.
  11. That worked, thank you Stephan.
  12. Hello, As of late when I try to connect to Euroscope it just hangs on Status "Connecting to VATSIM" and then is unable to connect. Any ideas?
  13. Do you have a 32 bit(X86) or 64 bit(X64) OS? A 32 bit system can't adress more than 3 Gigs. W7 Ultimate 64Bit. I've found keeping multitasking down helps, things like watching a film, using memory intesive programs like 3DSMax or Photoshop don't help.
  14. I have 4 Gigs and still get OOMs, mostly down to poorly coced software.
  15. http://forums1.avsim.net/index.php?showtopic=247430&hl=FLEX&st=25 Unfortunatley the full list is hosted on Avsim, which is of course, down. but this particular example is still up. http://forums1.avsim.net/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=5247 Many thanks
  16. Nice report there Trent. Any idea where to get that FLEX chart?
  17. No, I'm using only 1. Hmm that's odd, I had an FPS drop because I realised FS was overlaped onto the second monitor, but if you only have one this wont be the case. Using the latest drivers?
  18. You certainly should be getting better than that, are you using 1 monitor or 2?
  19. Freeware: By Daniel Gauthier, made for FS2002/2004. Payware: Dreamfactorystudio Geneva for FS9 Coming Soon: FSDreamTeam Geneva for FS9 and FSX.
  20. I've had 4Gigs of RAM now for over a year and I can't honestly say I've ever seen a OOM so imho 16Gigs, if even possible, is over the top.
  21. I personally don't think it's worth the upgrade. The 8800GTX and the 4870 are pretty much in the same league. Yes SLi will help, but it wont give you 2x improvement. Worth 400$? You be the judge
  22. May seem like the obvious, but is your Special Effects slider to the right?
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