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  1. Cool! I think that worked...I went from "inactive" to "pilot/observer" I'll try to log in under Xplane when I get home tonight. Thnx for the quick response!!
  2. So, I know my user ID and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word are good because I'm logged into here to post. But when I try to launch Squawkbox in Xplane 10, I get that error. Any ideas? Thnx in advance. BTW, I haven't flown online in almost 2 years now, would that have something to do with it?
  3. Try contacting audiotracker at the org, he's very easygoing and open to doing paints for anyone...I know that because that's me....lol. You can check out my various paints on there as well
  4. If you painted the file wrong, it should still show up as a livery...it would just be messed up. So, which aircraft did you create the paint for? A link to the aircraft would be very helpful
  5. well, I installed FSX and installed the 2 service packs. I'm impressed by the scenery, but I STILL find the aircraft lagging.....when I change any parameter(alt/heading/etc.) It seems a little slow to react. Same with turns. The exterior of the aircraft and the scenery looks good....but I find the interiors don't look very spectacular. I have pretty much all my settings to max as well. I'm running a quad core 3G with 6GRam and an ATI HD5series videocard, so I expected things to look a little more amazing than they do....so I'm kinda disappointed at this time.
  6. Is anyone running either MSFS FX or F9 on a 64 bit Windows 7 install? Just curious before I go through all the h[Mod - Happy Thoughts]le of installing either of those and having it not work. Thanks
  7. Com 2 works for me as well, for receiving. I usually set my UNICOM to COM2 and the controller(if online) to COM1. This way I get to monitor UNICOM while listening to traffic at the airport I'm heading to
  8. In Squawkbox, you have to open up "Setup sound" and route your Com1 and Com2 to the appropriate soundcard in your computer. Then, on the lower left corner, you'll find a button to click to set up your mic...it will run tests for you to make sure you're getting a signal from your mic and tell you if all is good.(Mics built into laptops are terrible because they pick up too much room noise) THEN you have to go to preferences and choose what key or button you hit to "transmit" your mic. THEN, If you click on "show who's online" in the dropdown menu, you'll see who is in your vicinity and at w
  9. I just converted this scenery package(CYYZ 2007) to X-plane...and WOW...what a difference flying into CYYZ now!!
  10. And I , on the other hand think the opposite. I used MSFS right up to the X version and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then someone suggested X-plane to me so I downloaded the demo. I was hooked from that point on. The way the aircraft handle in x-plane has a more real "feel" to it. I agree that the scenery is lacking(considering that you get 6 DVD's of scenery in the box) but there's a lot of freeware scenery available out there. But to each their own, I'm sticking with x-plane. An
  11. I've also found that the FS2FX ( I think thats what it's called, i'm at work right now) scenery converter works REAL well for converting Microsoft scenery to x-plane. Yesterday I had no scenery for Winnipeg and only had ramps and buildings for Quebec, now I have 2 full airports with gates and terminals for those 2 airports. Tonight I'm gonna try and add some more of the FSX scenery
  12. So, I installed the Westjet CSL 737 files that I found on here . ..and now when I launch x-plane I get a warning that Squawkbox did not initialize properly. If I take the files back out, it works fine. Any idea what I've done wrong? Thanks
  13. where would be the best place to find the newest charts? Cause I would love to be able to update the "missing" fixes in xplane and help in updating xplane
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