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  1. Thanks Ahmed.. Well now i am flying without problem with squawkbox on VATSIM. Its great. I am eagar to see Pakistan Division. Like to learn ATC, so that i can serve ATC on Pak airspace. I have studied some litrature for ATC. and wana Start as Student ATC.... What to do? and it would be great if VPIA offer Ranks etc for VATSIM pia pilots. William help us so that VPIA.org could automatically log our VATSIM flights in our profiles.. hope positive move would be to establishing VATPAK regards Zahid Rasheed
  2. Cannot see current vroute maps, n online pilot on any client, even on vatsim, vatind, vatspy,vroute.... Why ? what happen ?? although i am connected via squawkbox and flying normally !!!
  3. Why maps even regional not updating... its not reflecting current situation.... ???
  4. sadly i tried to install FSinn, it installed successfully. but when i open FSX and press VATSIM its connection time out very soon, worried thing is even after that my fsacart for vpia.org not work so i have to uninstall fsinn and reinstall fsacarts for vpia... what to do? im using FSX on windows 7 thanks for help Zahid
  5. Hi Im new to vatsim but could not find pakistan division in vatasia... well i can see vpia members trying to establish vatsim pakistan. great..... until it started could anyone tell me what division i choose at the moment ???? i'm also member of VPIA.org thanks Zahid Rasheed
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