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  1. Ah, but you are enough of a developer to spot the issue! I am a hobby coder myself, but didnt catch that. On investigating, it seems I have only the 64 bit version of that library, and AFV runs on a 32 bit wine prefix. Ive installed the 32 bit version of gnutls, and Im able to connect again. Simplicity itself! The only odd thing left is what changed to make it stop working. Im on a rolling distro, so perhaps the library was removed from the base install? I didnt think Id done a system update on that day, that AFV stopped working, though. In any event, its fixed and I can again c
  2. Host OS is Manjaro, a linux derivative (distro of Arch). Im running through a GUI helper that in turn runs WINE. Ive generated a log using the GUI helper (called PlayOnLinux), but watching it live, it didnt actually log anything at the moment that the disconnect error occurred, so Im not sure if it will be much help. Nonetheless, I very much appreciate any efforts and Im happy to run any tests you need for that purpose. Link to the log content: https://pastebin.com/p6hh7fKY
  3. Understood. Well, from googling the error extensively, it seems that broad strokes, its the server closing the connection. One reason helpfully suggested that I doubt applies is that the server could have been updated to use the new version of TLS that is only like 13 years old, but the software Im using has not, so I need to update to a version of .NET newer than 2.0. Given that 4.7.2 was installed to get started, I think we can rule TLS out of the issue. Im wondering what other reasons could have caused the server to suddenly start closing my connection? It was working fine one day
  4. In response to the claim that an action is required, with provided quote supporting that argument; the response that the action is optional, not required, and that the quote provided proves so. That in particular, for locations using the .65 as their radio standard, that they have the option to shorten particular frequency transfer instructions, but are by no means required to do so. This would be different from being required to shorten those instructions. Then you have the Land Downunder, where we just omit those transfer instructions anyway and expect you to contact ground of your
  5. As outlined above, to save fuel, or to comply with airspace restrictions. Jet aircraft burn a lot of fuel to climb, quite a bit less fuel in cruise, and less again in descent. For a very very long mission profile, the high fuel burn at the start of the mission is more than offset by the fuel saved in cruise by cruising at a more fuel efficient altitude. For short range missions, this no longer holds true, and it can be worth cruising less efficiently, in order to avoid burning excessive amounts of fuel in climb. In the long distance case, we might burn an extra 1000 lbs of fuel in or
  6. Your quote doesnt support your claim, though. Your quote says that you may drop the frequency, not that you have to.
  7. The AFV site directs me here, saying that this is the location for support requests for AFV. Is it in error? Im unable to use the network due to AFV not allowing me to connect. Little help?
  8. Just means you care about what other people think. If it helps, it's not limited to VATSIM - it's a common stage for real pilots, learning how to talk to ATC.
  9. Has there been any changes to AFV server side in the last 48 hours? Changing settings, changing voice server connections, anything like that?
  10. G'day. Yesterday I was running AFV normally. Today, on connection it spits out an error, 'helpfully' wrapped in a GUI so that my sensibilities would not be offended by an UE. The error being: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. Without the rest of the exception text Im not sure what the error is, nor how to troubleshoot it. Googling the error text, I find that it could be any number of things: For instance, it could be the server refusing my TLS connection due outdated TLS protocol... which would be odd seeing as it worked fine yester
  11. I would. Your perception of it may have changed, but the risks haven't.
  12. Given that a touch and go is a visual procedure, its not included as part of any missed approach procedure. That is, if you are cleared for the ILS RWY 27 APCH, that does NOT include clearance to use the RWY for any purpose until you are specifically cleared by TWR to use the RWY - and if you do not receive clearance, you will need to fly the missed approach, either as published, or as instructed (in the event that you do receive overshoot instructions). We are not mind readers in the control tower! Advise intentions and chances are, we will be happy to approve a touch and go...
  13. But, it would be a heck of a selling point. Would you mind sharing how you configured your browser to use vim that way? I hadn't even realised that was an option.
  14. Technically, this is pushing on the nose of the aircraft as much as it is pushing on the rear of the aircraft. Simple fact, all forces acting on an aircraft act through the centre of gravity, anything else is a moment. The wind is not pushing the nose to the right of track, it is pushing the ground track to the left of the nose. Correspondingly, your aircraft will (assuming an FMC or an autopilot smart enough - or possibly even a pilot smart enough) will react to the wind changing their ground track, and offset the nose (and thus the heading) into the wind, correcting the ground track for the
  15. Not to mention the fact that the survey targets flight sim users, not controllers.
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