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  1. Congratulations Florian, a well deserved appointment!
  2. Gergely, As I started this topic, I can only say that I have not seen a flightplan causing the issue, only happened when logging on and using "Show simulated ........." As Todor nailed down which airway it was, maybe he has more info, or can give you an example?
  3. And, to follow up my freezing issue. Setting "ShowSimulatedData" to OFF (or 0) solves the issue, without changing the "airways.txt" file. Setting "ShowSimulatedData" to ON (or 1) while ES is closed down, the issue occurs as soon as I try to connect, or immediately following a connect to server (depending how far ES has come in the startup phase (loading of data).
  4. Sorry Todor, we are back to square one on this one. ES is locking up again. A possible theory, based on another report on airway with wrong data in the latest release (ref Navigraph forum). Could it be that IF an online user is active with that specific airway, that the problem could occur, else not? Just a question And yes, I do have Show Simulated ON.
  5. Todor & all, After yet another reload of the updated airway.txt file (1004), everything works perfectly. I have no idea or clue to what caused the original problems, but at least it is now working as it should.
  6. Hm, sorry to see it works ok for you Note that the only change I made from previous sessions was to update the airway.txt file, all other settings remained as before, no changes at all. And, this is what surprised me, that I suddenly should have issues with this perticular file. Ah well, will continue local testing, and if I do find anything, I'll let you know. Thanks.
  7. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but when I downloaded latest Navigraph FSNavigator FMC file set, and copied airway.txt into the DataFiles folder, ES refused to connect, and froze. This was repeated numerous times until I replaced the airway.txt file with previous 1003 version. Anyone else with similar experience? Am using Win7/64, not having had any problems with previous navdata versions.
  8. Johan, What works for you may not work for others, as you are refering to the Symbology setup, not the actual ESE contents. Else, note that a wrong callsign or frequency in the POSITIONS segment may also cause wrong visual border behaviour, as well as errors within SECTOR and SECTORLINE.
  9. Andrew, Kyprianos mentioned GroundMaker (by Corey Wirun) earlier in this thread, which used to work fine with FS9 and WinXP. If anyone knows of an updated version, this could at least be a stepping stone for many of us who have "upgraded" to Win7 or Vista, using FSX. I have been trying lately to create sector ground-layouts with the old v1.1 and my present OS and MSFS, but with no luck The rationale for trying this with FSX is merely the fact that the default sceneries are more accurate in FSX than in FS9 (at least as far as I can tell). So, if you manage to fill the gap, I am sure you
  10. I love the ground layout Luca, it's perfect. Hope Gergely pick this one up as a request for future releases?
  11. May not be related, but...... - When offline, checking traffic, using Show simulated traffic, Sq-stby a/c does not display anything but a white dot, regardless of level filter settings - When connected, their tags displays immediately as normal All this in Easy mode.
  12. When on vectors for final, I would think most (if not all) pilots will follow any corrective instructions immediately, and not wait 12-17 seconds for changes in heading etc. Must admit I fully support Mark on this, default 12-17 cannot be used as a general setting.
  13. Jonas, You are absolutely correct, and that solved it for me too Thank you.
  14. Stephan, Thanks, as you had a comment in another topic regarding a possible new installer requirement, so I wondered if this had been implemented (with the a as the indicator for a newer version). Why use the 'a' if v3.1 is the latest? Would think 'a-z' would be better indicators for updates?
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