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  1. The controlling in the Air Force is the FAA certification, so I'd be learning FAA procedures.
  2. As soon as the Mac OS X radar client is released, I will start my air traffic control training again. I will be going into the Air Force as an air traffic controller, so I figure it would be best to get information as soon as possible. My question is, from experience, how should I choose an ARTCC? I'm looking into what kind of training programs are taught, but to me that doesn't seen like enough, so I'm also asking for personal experiences from controllers as well as pilots what ARTCC is best. Now, I'm not trying to start a heated argument on who is better, just give me your experiences.
  3. I also need training as I am new to flying, but I am running XPlane. Any place somebody is willing to teach an XPlane pilot?
  4. I didn't know if Radair was still in development because no recent updates about the project.
  5. Ok, okay. Another thing, is IvAp connectable to VATSIM?
  6. Hello, all. I found a program called MacScopeRadar (the only ATC radar program known for Mac) and I tried connecting with all the correct credentials: Then I run into a problem: I would really appreciate it if somebody could figure out what this means. I really don't want to run Windows on my system just so I can be an ATC for VATSIM. Thanks in advance.
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