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  1. Ok. I know my region an ddivision NorthAmerica / United States. Now who is my contact to get started with my ATC training? I am currently a pilot out of Charlotte, NC (CLT) and I have noticed we don't have that area covered that often. I'd love to help with that. I have read my email and it is still referreing to my division supervisor but I don't see how we are suppose find out who that is? The listing of Staff do not show region or division (that would be convenient).
  2. Thanks people. Awesome info and quick responses!
  3. I am using FS2004 and typically my aircraft do not have a fully functional FMS so I am using the GPS (usually a Garmin). How do I add or substract a way point? I ran into this problem on my first flight from JFK to CVG. ATC amended my flight plan and I couldn't figure out how to change it on the GPS my plane was using. None of my commercial planes have the FMS so if someone can either, A - set me up with a model that has the FMS or tell me how to change my flight plan in the Garmin I would be greatly appreciative.
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